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Vitamins Can Help Women to Be in the Best of Health

Updated on December 14, 2012

Vitamins are food for the cells of a human body and hence very essential for good health. What vitamins do, is that they help the body organs to maintain their health, provide a boost for the immune system, give the body energy and also help to keep the ageing process in check. The vitamin needs for women are different from those that are suitable to men. This is because of the difference in the body structure. The best vitamins for women are those that address issues of their bodies, their breasts, their skin and their general health.

Selecting the Right Vitamins

Women need about 30 essential vitamins so that all the problems that their bodies can have, are addressed. Most of the best vitamins for women contain a lot of minerals and vitamins, that are available in the form of a single pill. Women buying such vitamin pills need to check the labels on the products they buy, to ensure that their needs are taken care of, once they start taking their daily doses of that product. The best benefits come from vitamins that are obtained from natural sources. Such vitamins are easily absorbed by the body and can be safely taken by every woman. Where the vitamins are laboratory generated or produced through synthetic means, such products could have side effects. There is also a danger of their becoming unstable. The ingestion of such unstable products can cause damage to bodily tissues and organs. Vitamins also need to be bio available. This property enables the ingested vitamins to be completely absorbed by the body, and delivered to the cells of the body, where their beneficial effects will be felt. This will depend on the particular vitamin and the dosage and it is best to take the proper medical advice for this. Most vitamin pills have coatings that preserve the vitamin while the pill passes through the stomach and intestines. This ensures the proper metabolizing of the vitamins and ensures their maximum benefit.

Good Vitamins and Minerals for Women

There are certain vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for women irrespective of their age. Calcium is one such mineral that is very important to maintain bone mass, which can decrease with age. So this calcium helps women to ward of the danger of osteoporosis. While calcium supplements are easily available in the market, getting such calcium through soy products and calcium fortified juices and beverages is a pleasant way to get your daily dose. Iron is especially important to women who are still in their childbearing years. This compensates for blood loss during menstruation. Supplements can be beneficial, but meat, tofu, beans and eggs if included in a diet, can provide the necessary iron. Low levels of folic acid are responsible for some birth defects. This is the reason why pregnant women or those wanting to get pregnant are advised doses of this acid. This acid is present in fortified breads, beams, orange juice and green vegetables. Another anti-oxidant and anti cancer substance is beta- carotene and this also helps to delay ageing. Vitamin D helps the body to absorb calcium. One source for this vitamin is exposure to sunlight, which helps the body itself to produce this vitamin. Supplements may become necessary when a woman grows older. Vitamin C helps to absorb iron , increase immunity and serves as an anti-oxidant. Vitamin B in the category of B6 and B12 are those that help the development of red cells. Women can get these non-fat milk, yogurt, chicken breast and hard boiled eggs, besides it being available in supplement form.

Age and Vitamins

Once women cross the age of forty, their requirement of vitamins may change. Besides the good vitamins prescribed generally, women at this age may also have to add Vitamin E. This vitamin has been considered a must for beauty, as it gives the skin a health glow and makes dull hair shiny. Most beauty products do contain this vitamin. Vitamin E is a powerful anti-oxidant. Anti-oxidants ensure that free radicals that can damage cells are kept in check. They can also help the skin to retain elasticity and thus avoid wrinkles. Women who cross the age of 50 need to increase the amount of magnesium and calcium in their diet. This is required mainly to help the bones.


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      Ageing.... 5 years ago

      well written . Great suggestions for women who wants to be fit and want to slow down aging process .