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Vitamins for Health

Updated on November 7, 2009

What are Vitamins?

Vitamins are a part of our body's nutritional needs. These are needed in very small quantities as compared to actual food, but their lack can cause diseases due to deficiency.

The good news is that most healthy diets will include all the vitamins and supplements you need. The bad news is not many of us are eating a well balanced diet these days. So many of us believe that popping a vitamin supplement is the answer.

Fat or Water

So what are these vitamins that our body needs? The vitamins are usually classified as fat soluble or water soluble. The fat soluble vitamins are A,D,E and K. These are stored in the fat cells in your body. So you see fat has its uses too. if you don't have a healthy enough fat deposit in the body, there is no place these vitamins can live in.

The water soluble vitamins are B complex, and C. There is a full range of vitamins in the B group. These include B1 (thiamin), B2 (riboflavin), niacin, B6 (pyridoxine), folic acid, B12 (cobalamine), biotin, and pantothenic acid. The water soluble vitamins are not stored in your body. When your body needs the vitamins is accesses them in the bloodstream. Any excess gets thrown out in urine.

A Bit about each Vitamin

Vitamin A

This one is primarily for eyesight. It helps you see better. It is deficiency of Vitamin A that causes night blindness. You can get this in your diet by eating orange vegetables and green leafy ones.

Vitamin B

There is no single Vitamin B. It is a combination of a number of compounds as listed above. That's why they are collectively called Vitamin B Complex. This is the vitamin that affects your metabolism. So if you are not eating right and feeling sluggish, that's Vitamin B deficiency. Most whole grains and vegetables are rich in Vitamin B Complex.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps fight infections and helps the body heal faster. Maybe that's why you pop a Vitamin C pill if you feel a cold coming on. The lack of Vitamin C can result in scurvy. The best source of Vitamin C is citrus fruits.

Vitamin D

This is the one and only one that the body can manufacture on its own, given the right conditions. It is needed for your bones. Yes the lack of this Vitamin D is what will cause osteoporosis. You can bone up on Vitamin D by having enough milk, eggs and cereal. Plus make sure that the calcium intake is supplemented with some time in the sun. Ten minutes a day will do the trick.

Vitamin E

All women have heard of this one being the anti aging Vitamin. So many Vitamin E based creams and lotions have flooded the market of late that you would know that it basically looks after the well being of the skin. You can get natural Vitamin E in your diet by eating nuts and seeds, green leafy vegetables, and whole grain cereals.

Vitamin K

This one is needed for clotting. If you don't have Vitamin K your blood clotting is adversely affected. You can get it by eating dairy products, green leafy vegetables and soya bean oil.


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    • PachillsUSA profile image

      PachillsUSA 7 years ago from San Juan Capistrano

      It's true vitamins are the necessary part of our diet. We should take the vitamins in proper ratio to become healthy.

    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 8 years ago from India

      Thanks advisor4qb and esahs

    • profile image

      ESAHS 8 years ago

      "Great hub on a great health topic!"

      "Two thumbs up!"

      CEO E.S.A.H.S. Association

    • advisor4qb profile image

      advisor4qb 8 years ago from On New Footing

      Helpful and interesting hub!

    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 8 years ago from India

      You know ms chievous, I am sure that if the company is reputed the packaging does not matter.

    • Ms Chievous profile image

      Tina 8 years ago from Wv

      Good Hub. I always have wondered if the vitamins in the expensive fancy bottles work the same as the cheap ones.

    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 8 years ago from India

      Sabu and Shellemie, thank you.

      AlexK amazing information. Thanks for the link.

      I agree bingskee and RedElf

    • RedElf profile image

      RedElf 8 years ago from Canada

      Excellent information, and interesting comments.

    • bingskee profile image

      bingskee 8 years ago from Quezon City, Philippines

      i find it interesting what alex shared..

    • AlexK2009 profile image

      AlexK2009 8 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland

      Interesting hub. There are moves in the US and Europe to ban vitamin supplements on health grounds and I believe one of the B vitamins is already banned in the UK. I also think the health referred to is the health of the drug

      companies. There are also proposals to make removal of all vitamins from food mandatory. A google search on "codex alimentarius" will reveal lot more.

      YOu may also find intersting

    • shellemie profile image

      shellemie 8 years ago

      Your hub is very informative. Thanks for posting this up!

    • sabu singh profile image

      sabu singh 8 years ago

      Thank you for this useful and informative Hub