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Vitamin D and Hairloss

Updated on June 20, 2011

Your Hair


Vitamin D

Vitamin D a nutrient essential for the absorption of calcium and phosphorus linking to bone growth is found in foods such as salmon, milk and mackerel, Gale Maleskey, nutritional therapist and author of “Nature’s Medicines: The Definitive Guide to health Supplements” reports. A common source for vitamin D is the sun. Before taking a vitamin D supplement talk to your doctor

Hair follicles

Hair loss prevented by vitamin D remains important as your self-image connects to your hair. Hair loss is traumatizing emotionally especially to women. Hair follicles respond to vitamin D with increased stimulation to the scalp involving the hair shaft, Natural reports. Before starting this supplement report your hair loss to your physician. You may have an underlying illness, which needs further treatment.

Free Vitamin D

The sun provides much vitamin D if you spend 15 ,minutes and three times a seek in the sun. This exposure time to the sun will allow sufficient amounts of vitamin D to be absorbed. If your skin color is pale, you need vitamin D. If you take supplements of vitamin D before you stay out in the sun you will tan instead of burning your skin. The winter sun does not give enough exposure to receive adequate amounts of vitamin D you need foryour bones to absorb calcium. If you do not like dairy products you should consider taking vitamin D in supplement form, Maleskey states.

Scalp Ointments

Vitamin D scalp ointments have been used on people who have undergone chemotherapy. Many people have experienced good results and hair has returned to its normal state within time,

Vitamin D Deficiency Guide indicates. Research still is being performed regarding the effects of vitamin D on hair follicles.

Vitamin D Dosage

Dosage of vitamin D may vary from doctor to doctor. Before starting this vitamin D supplement ask your doctor what dos you should take. Doses range from 400 IU to 1000IU daily, Natural states.

Vitamin D and Hairloss


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