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Vitiligo - An incurable skin disorder that may be helped naturally

Updated on September 2, 2016
Vitiligo affecting facial skin
Vitiligo affecting facial skin
Vitiligo - affecting skin on hand
Vitiligo - affecting skin on hand
Vitiligo - affecting eyebrow
Vitiligo - affecting eyebrow

Vitiligo is an incurable disorder of the skin caused by the progressive and uneven enlargement of an area of white skin resulting from de-pigmentation.

This de-pigmentation is caused by the destruction of the cells (melanocytes) that produce the melanin pigment which determines the darkness of the skin colour. Estimates suggest up to 4% of the world’s population are affected.

Conventional medicine seems to offer little in the way of a solution, but natural remedies include herbs, vitamins and essential oils.


St John’s Wort while having no clinical trials evidence does have some anecdotal history. Its primary use is as a mild antidepressant but it does make the skin more sensitive to light. Its side effects, however, mean that the dosage should be determined carefully by a qualified herbalist to take account of body mass etc. There are certain foods to avoid, which are red wine, yeast and cheese.

Khella is another herb which has been found to help Vitiligo but results have shown it to cause some unpleasant side effects which include nausea and insomnia. Again speak with a herbalist to decide if it suits your body and to calculate a dosage rate.

Folic acid and Vitamins

In studies of Vitiligo sufferers they have been found to be short of folic acid, vitamin B12 and vitamin C. Unfortunately only a small number of sufferers produced any significant re-pigmentation from a very high dose of folic acid, 1 gramme of vitamin C and intramuscular injections of vitamin B12 over a several month period. If you want to try it, it should be administered by a qualified health practitioner or doctor only.


One of the factors involved in the treatment of Vitiligo is the reduction of stress which may increase the area of skin affected. This can be achieved by the use of essential oils to relax the mind and massage application to sooth the skin.

Prepare a blend of essential oils as follows: 10 drops each – Rosemary, Lavender, Jasmine, Clary Sage and Rosewood. To an essential oil diffuser add 5/10 drops of the blend and set aside for an hour or two to inhale the calming vapours while reading or snoozing or even watching something not too stimulating on TV.

For application directly to the skin, make up a small amount (25ml) of Argan oil or Rosehip oil to which you should add 3 drops of tea tree essential oil and 2 drops of Lavender essential oil. Use the best quality oils you can afford, Argan and Rosehip are the best, but you can use cheaper carrier oils. Gently massage into the affected area once each day.

Finally don’t underestimate the morale boost of correctly applied make-up. If badly done it can just make the appearance worse so it will pay dividends to consult a theatrical make-up specialist who will know just how to blend in varying pigments.


Care should be taken with self-diagnosis. Some other similar causes of this skin disorder can include pernicious anaemia, hyperthyroidism, acquired immune deficiency disorders and Addison's disease. These disorders are serious and require professional medical assessment and treatment.

© 2013 Peter Geekie


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