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WAT-AAH, Bottled Water

Updated on December 4, 2012
WAA-TAH - Body
WAA-TAH - Body | Source
WAA-TAH - Energy & Brain
WAA-TAH - Energy & Brain | Source

Bottled water

The claims of bottled water suppliers is vast. But more and more a lot of us are discovering that a lot of those claims are downright false or misleading. Either way, i ask myself before purchasing bottle water, "is it worth the money to buy any of it"?.

Especially, the ones that make all the ridiculous claims or are endorsed by celebrities. Which of course make the manufacturers/bottlers feel as if they can charge almost 200 % more on the product.


Doesn't that make you angry? They charge more for a product because they have someone famous promoting it! Rather than have the item stand up for itself and prove all their claims as correct by those who are not endorsing the product other than, they found that it worked.

Yes, i know products seem and do, do better in retailing once a well known celebrity, music artist, sports personality or TV/movie star or even model come aboard but they are not normal people. They are people but as much as they want to claim that they are 'normal' they are not because of their personal finances and lifestyle.

I digressed, i apologize.

WAA-TAH is a fairly new product for me. I first discovered it at a hotel, i will not recommend, in the city of Statesboro, Georgia.

You know when you're away from home, we all typically try a few new things we would not normally try, and i did that because it was convenient, also because it was an unknown item offered by one of the vending machines in the hotel lobby.

We all know vending machines are expensive, so the water was more than i would normally spend but i had never seen this particular water product before and the label claimed it would boost my energy.

In fact it's wording says that it is vapor distilled water! + oxygen under the word energy, and listed as the bottle's ingredients.

The blurb on the back of the label says, 'Forget about caffeine and sugar. Ultra pure water with just enough oxygen is all the clean fuel your body craves, with no nasty side effects like stinky breath or rotten teeth. Drink WAT-AAH! ENERGY and you just might run FAST-AAH!

Logo & Graphics

  • bright neon colors with black
  • a cartoon character with it's mouth wide open
  • and the different spelling of water - WAA-TAH

I must admit the logo and graphics are eye catching, lime green, bright blue, & bright pink, and the claim is appealing, but to me the water was no different or energizing than any other water i have ever drunken.


  • water consumption
  • healthy lifestyle
  • childhood obesity

Other than the fact that it is promoting the drinking of water and obviously supports the fight against childhood obesity, i did not find anything significantly different with this product from other distilled bottled water, that are more familiar ones to me.

I could be wrong on it's effects on me, but it did not feel a boost in my energy either. It did however whet my whistle and refresh me like only water can!

I do say try it, but i would catch it on sale at the grocery store!

Since that stay i have tried two others, Brain -bright blue coloring, which is vapor distilled water + electrolytes and Body -fuchia pink, which is just pure spring water.


  • Purity
  • Beneficial
  • Oxygen
  • Electrolytes,
  • Optimal hydration

They do admit that water is good for you, but everyone knows that, and most of us admit freely that water is better for us and is better at hydrating the body. We also know through all the studies and reports that water, is beneficial to every organ and especially our skin's health and should be our main source of liquid.

That said drink water, bottled or not - Just drink it!

Even though many of us will claim that we don't like water, we definitely know when we have or have not consumed enough of it.


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