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Updated on November 19, 2010

 Well It was noon on this September 1 2002. I was at home cleaning my house where I once lived on 156 garrett st,chula vista ca. When my phone rang and on the other side was a cry that I will never forget. It was a cry but with a long uuggg.I said hello because I didnt  look at the caller Id before i answered and it was my bff asking me to please hurry up that she was at the hospitol with her dad and she needed me there that she didnt want to be alone.As soon as i got there she had explained to me that she got called saying her TONY was in the er. As we walked down a hallway they were strolling him on a gurney to where they were going to place him. His nice built body trying to hold on to dear life.My friend J'aime with tears could barely walk she looked like a zombie that had the blood sucked from her body. I was in so much shock that I was 7 months pregnant at the time I was afraid to cry. I didnt know how to react to seeing my best friends man dieing in front of me. It was kind of hard to put the pieces together of a man that was so full of life, so funny and made my best friend happy. Seeing him there with nothing on except cut up boxers that looked like a diaper they threw on him.As they were preping him to his own room my best friend was getting all the facts from a man that drove the ambulance that pushed him in. She had asked him where was he and did they practice cpr and where were his clothes and his wallet and where was her necklace he was wearing, all these questions and all he could answer was he was found in the bathroom unconscious on his knees bent over and he appeared to be dead for awile so they didnt practice cpr. and it appeared  he was going to shower cos the water was on he had no chain on Ms. Is that all you can tell me my friend J'AIME asked he said he did all he could and hes sorry. He said everything was documented and the dr would explain everything when he came this way. As Im sitting in this 10x10 lil room with J'aime you could see all the wires they have hooked up to Tony, they even had this thing going down his throat that made him sound like he was snoring.They had ivys hooked everywhere. My bff wa holding one hand as I held the other and she was singing to him. The nurse came in and talked to us asking us who we were and how did we know him and what she knew about him at that moment. It was so painful to hear the nurse say hes brain dead, he cannot hear anything  that is going on. My bff said why would you say that hes moving his hands and has even squeezed it when i sing to him, and she says thats impossible cos he is brain dead.The nurse left and me and J'aime held his hand and J'aime said to Tony if you can hear me singing or talking to you squeeze my hand, he squeezed our hands and as J'aime kept singing  tears kept falling from his eyes. So if he was brain dead why was he showing emotions. A dead person dont have emotions. So again the nurse came in we told her what had happened so they took him to another room to have them look at his brain once more, as they were walking out my friend J'aime asked is he gonna be ok with out his o2 and the nurse said yes were just taking him down the hall where we will hook him back as they ran tests on him.This day was so hard for us both because not only was J'aime losing the love of her life she was losing her father to across the hall. She had her plate full, now not only did she have two people dieing she had to worry about how to find Tonys family and let them know that he was in the er fighting for his life.Tell me how can 1 person be with two people in hospitol beds in different rooms. I had sit there with her threw it all. I seen my best friend have her heart broken 2 times in 1 month. How does she do it I asked her.Well she had gotten ahold of someone that worked with Tony that knew where the family lived deep in tj. It was then when family started to show up and see their beloved son,brother,uncle,godfather lying in a bed with his warm body that was letting go, Letting go of life to be with our father the lord. To make a longer story shorter everyone got to say there goodbyes and I love yous and he was cremated and the older sister kept his ashes.


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    • profile image

      Lady_Tenaz 6 years ago

      I wanted to read this once again. I love you for being there for me during the worst day of my your bff- J (Lady_Tenaz aka Pachuca)

    • profile image

      Pachuca213 7 years ago

      I remember that day as if it were yesterday...the phone call from the landlady telling me he was on his way to the ER after she thought he was dead. The phone call I made to you to get you to come to the hospital to be with me. I remember all the unanswered questions the Medic, Nurses and Doctors failed to answer. I remember Tony's family acting one way at the hospital and then acting cruel to me at the funeral. I remember thinking Doreen was the one involved, and finding out as the week progressed that there were too many arrows pointing to her to ignore. I remember the police avoiding me because they didn't want to investigate and I remember feeling like I was going to die because my world fell apart around me. I will never forget the day part of my soul died and I will never forget you being there for me, and I will never forget the last moments I had with him, telling him I loved him, singing him our song, and praying to GOD that he would save him. I know not all of our prayers go answered, but I believe that GOD will bring him back to me one day. I also believe that the person who took him from us one day will get her comeuppance. I love you girl...thanks for being my friend! - J

    • AWHITEGIRLSWORLD profile image