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Updated on December 16, 2009

No one lived on earth without water. All living organisms including men were craving for it. Our land were surrounded with water, oceans, seas, rivers and creeks anywhere in the world. It is an extraordinary liquid that helped shape and reshape the face of the earth. The land need it to grow plants, while us we need it in order to live. If water is our life, it is also our disaster. The flood is responsible for the destruction of our properties and the lives of men.

Water has many functions not only us but also for those who are dependent to it. Water relied on the process of evaporation. The atmosphere above us extracted vast amount of water from the ocean. When those water held by the clouds can no longer hold it further then it dropped back to us. This cycle is repeated again and again.

Considering that water is our life and our only hope to live longer, then we will do some kind of conservation:

-Don't let your faucet open while doing the washing of plates and others in the kitchen. One way to conserve it is to use basin where you can do the washing. Any defective faucet or water line should be replaced. Don't wait for the water to be wasted.

-Don't open the valve of your faucet during low pressure. When the water came back and you have forgotten to close it, many cubic meters of water will be lost. If it can go out unnoticed for several minutes or hours your water bill will  go up. It will be a pain in your pocket. Be responsible at all times.

-Have a closed water container at home ready for use during emergencies or for your regular usage in case no water will go out in the pipe line due to repair.

-Make an alternate source of potable water by making an artesian well manually pumped from the water source. It's economical and safe because it has no chlorine in it.

-Don't use water hose in watering plants in your lawn. Use pail. This will enable you to regulate its usage according to its requirement.

Don't waste water in taking a bath. Have a bigger open container as your source rather than leaving the water continuously flowing during the duration of your bathing. A small handy pail will do.

Use your artesian well when washing your clothes. A bigger portion of its consumption came from washing. In order to economize, use it. In case you have no alternative, then use water wisely. A bigger water basin is needed so that the water you use can be confine in one container.

When washing your car from accumulated dust and earth, use water pail instead of water hose. You can save more.

Don't let your children use water without your knowledge. They are not very particular of using it wisely. It is you who will pay the bills.

Change our ways in dealing with water. Don't take it for granted. It is our life and our only hope to live longer.


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