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Inflammatory bowel syndrome and how to handle it

Updated on June 17, 2015

Inflammatory bowel disease refers to a group of diseases that causes inflammation of the small and large intestines. It is characterized by symptoms such as; blood diarrhea, abdominal pains and fever.Key examples of diseases under the inflammatory bowel include Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis . The disease may arise due to autoimmune disorders where the immune system tolerance mechanisms to the cells of the gastrointestinal cells malfunctions leading to recognition of self cells as pathogen thus eliciting an immune response and this results to may also arise due to infestation by bacteria or viruses. An immune response to fight these pathogens (viruses and bacteria)causes damage to the cells of the gastrointestinal wall leading to inflammation. Healing of the bowels disease can be in done through natural methods or through drug therapy.

The two major inflammatory bowel conditions can be managed by nutritional methods. It is advisable that patients observe certain dietary approaches to either manage or treat inflammatory bowel diseases. The various approaches are discussed below as follows:
(i) Eating healthfully
A health diet is the pillar of of overall health, therefore eating healthfully would help in management of inflammatory bowel mainly ulcerative colitis. For instance foods rich in solanine have been implicated to worsen cases of ulcerative colitis. Therefore you should try and avoid such foods in order to manage the disease.Examples of foods rich in this chemical are , eggs, potatoes, hot papers and tomatoes.

(ii) Avoid foods rich in lactose among lactose intolerance individuals.
These individuals have a deficiency in the lactase enzymes which breaks down dietary lactose to glucose and galactose for it to be absorbed. As a result lactose finds its way into the colon where it is digested by bacteria in the colon to produce acid.The end result of this is diarrhea.

(iii) YOGA exercises.
Exercise is an important aspect in the general functioning of the body.Yoga exercises concentrates on the digestive system where it floods the digestive system with blood supply increasing the nutritional supply in the area and this speeds up the healing process.

(iv) Some cases of inflammatory bowels moreso ulcerative colitis have been due to allergic response to certain foods thus knowing such foods and eliminating them from a diet will help in healing and management of the disease.Wheat, corn and milk products have been reported as the main allergens in this case. Avoiding them in a diet can be used as a way to manage the disease.

(v) Avoid stress at all times as stress has been implicated as a factor that contributes to inflammatory bowel diseases. Research has shown that 74% of individuals with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) experience worse conditions when under psychological stress.Stress management techniques such as deep breathing, meditation and progressive muscle relation reduces the severity of the disease.

(vi) The cases of diarrhea that accompanies the ulcerative colitis lead to loss of nutritional supplements in the body such as vitamins and major mineral ions. Uptake of fruits is therefore recommended for the patients during the disease to speed up the healing process through supply of the much needed nutritional supplements.

(vii) The other approach to treating the bowel inflammatory diseases is through use of drugs where such drugs are prescribed by a physician based on the severity of the case. Though this approach also heals there has been some cases where it may lead to other diseases that arise as a side effect of the drugs.

Therefore to treat inflammatory bowel it is good to apply the above mentioned which approaches to manage the condition and create favorable environment for the healing process.


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