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Updated on September 16, 2009

Our bodies are like a photo album

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Our body tells us where we've traveledOur body tells us where we've venturedOur body tells us where we are frozenOur body tells us how far we are willing to stretchThis tree is upside down!  Our body tells us, even when we feel upside down, that we are indeed beautiful
Our body tells us where we've traveled
Our body tells us where we've traveled
Our body tells us where we've ventured
Our body tells us where we've ventured
Our body tells us where we are frozen
Our body tells us where we are frozen
Our body tells us how far we are willing to stretch
Our body tells us how far we are willing to stretch
This tree is upside down!  Our body tells us, even when we feel upside down, that we are indeed beautiful
This tree is upside down! Our body tells us, even when we feel upside down, that we are indeed beautiful

Know Your Precious Body

My Body is the house I choose to live in (From The Frying Pan To The Jacuzzi, Gourmet Recipes For A Gourmet Relationship, p112. Available on Amazon in a couple of days.). My body is precious because it is the only one I got! I can look at the link between my body and genetics, but I cannot blame genetics for my body.

I "gotta" take ownership of everything I decide to pour into my precious body including the wide variety of chemical infusions! Chemicals like neuropeptides, cortisol, adrenalin, not to mention drugs, alcohol, and sugar. Stop feeling bad about it all. Just recognize what I’ve been pouring into my body, especially the chemicals that are damaging. Then give it a shot and stop pouring them in.

What most of us lack is sufficient oxygen because we spend most of our waking hours holding our breath as if this is all the oxygen I have. The scarcity mentality! Most of us can stand to relearn how to breathe. The more oxygen I take in, compared to holding my breath, the more normal I will feel. Initially, you might feel strange because you are unaccustomed to having sufficient oxygen roaming about your body! When I take in more oxygen, that sense of impending doom will disappear.

My Body tells a story or embodies my story, both the life-giving events as well as the painful ones. Part of "weighing in" is learning to read that body of information.  Notice the old man at the beginning of Saving Private Ryan.  He's not walking that way because of arthritis or old age.  He's been carrying the weight of the war and perhaps the guilt of surviving for over fifty years.  That's the story that his body embodies.

An important chapter in my body's story is the chapter on private parts. Some of us may require considerable rewriting in that chapter! No, I’m not talking about changing anything physically, rather changing how I perceive my private parts and how I think about them. If I think my private parts are disgusting, then disgusting they are. That is all I will see. Typically, as men, we are quite concerned about size. If I think my penis is too small, then too small it is! If I just appreciate that it is the penis I have and believe it is sufficient to do the job, then my penis will stand at attention with pride instead of shame. It functions better when it’s proud than ashamed!

Does anyone know the first time in recorded history, when a particular human being, a man or a woman, screamed out, "Ug, private parts, nasty nasty, nasty!" I used to think it was my Mom, but God Bless her, it wasn’t her. Someone long before her!

So there’s a lot to this "weighing in" topic.

Once I know the story line behind and around and on top of my body, I can begin any remodeling process I choose, but in particular, remodeling my mindset about my body. I can actually choose to begin seeing my body as MY body and be proud of MY body no matter what condition it might be in at the moment. I mean, again, after all, it’s the only body I got for the moment. It has served me well. It has gotten me this far. And if I can treat my body with this kind of appreciation, my body itself is going to be open to whatever transformation is necessary for it to live for as long as it can possibly live. I will also learn to LISTEN to my body in the future. It is constantly telling me when to embrace and when to avoid. My body is very smart.

There's a wonderful scene in the movie, What The Bleep Do We Know, when the main woman character gets it that her perception and thoughts about her body actually impact the way her body appears.  Take a look at this film and you will know the scene when you see it.  

More on the stories embodied in our body next time. There’s a wonderful book for singers or even wanna be singers, that explores this very topic. Finding Your Voice. Check it out below.

Don’t forget to share your comments. Your story is also important for others to read.

Thanks for reading.



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    • vrbmft profile imageAUTHOR

      Vernon Bradley 

      9 years ago from Yucaipa, California

      Thank you so much for not only reading but learving behind some footprints of your own! Wow, isn't that poetic?!! Love ya, Marilyn.

      Your BIG brother!!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      This was a great article. It should help many people feel better about themselves and appreciate their one and only body and take better care of it. If they already are then the article would be very affirming which it was for me. Thank you Vern, for your excellent work and research.


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