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Updated on December 28, 2012

A notification to weight loss enthusiasts.

Most people losing weight and/or maintaining their stature think that having to eat lots of food and imbibing drinks that contain alcohol over a few days will not cause any harm or change anything, and that they can go back to their dietary programs as usual without a hitch.

However, they are wrong, because the body can act as a sponge, and any break from a diet routine makes it more naturally so; typically, to absorb the fat in all the food over the holidays, and though storing minerals for energy in any short spell of time that they decide to move away from a dietary program, gives the body the chance to go on a binge, and thus build up carbohydrates, and glucose levels, just like before, from fatty acids contained in even nutritious foods.

They have given themselves a span of "holidays"; yet they forget that the body has no way of knowing whether they (people) want to take those few days off to enjoy their favorite edibles, and in the same instance, they somehow ignore the fact that those (edibles) produce calories; meaning fats and carbohydrates, which must be avoided to make their diet programs to be efficient.

It (body) will just return to its former state and attempt to regain all the things that it has been starved of, with respect to the dietary program, during the holiday period - say from Thanksgiving Day through Christmas and into the New Year - and will doubly do so to replenish what it has been missing in its "sustenance chart"; the gooey stuff, just as it has been doing before any such program.

Then, when they (people) come to their senses to resume their diet regimen, they will weigh themselves the first day or so, and will realize what has taken place, and then they will begin to fight back.

In other words, they have consumed too much in so short a time; or, in some cases, indulged in overeating. Or that they have allowed the body free time and space to become acclimatized to the "holiday" binge-eating, to be precise; and looking at the situation from every angle, all three condition categories are foreboding.

It is now a struggle for them to recapture the loss of weight they have managed to accomplish only a short while ago, as it is no easy task to shrug off the pounds as before; they have fallen over the "diet cliff", and after that, no amount of supplementation is effective.

They will ingest any number of vitamins, low carbohydrate tablets and weight loss purity products that come in all shapes, sizes and forms, (including water pills), and those products will not work.

Nevertheless, if people are serious about losing weight, they must not for any reason be forgetful of themselves, and especially of how the body reacts to "holiday eating", and also of the amount of money they spend on supplements and such; and that they ought to learn to stick to their dietary plans each and everyday, no matter what; holiday festivities included.

Yet, if they have gone over the proverbial cliff, they should not give up. They should only replace their dieting by eating less and slowly slide back into making their weight loss programs take over again.

After a while, everything should be alright; but they have learned their lesson the hard way; until, perhaps, the next holiday season, which would only be twelve months away, and should they repeat their foolhardiness, then the same problem would occur.

The supplemental products mentioned on this page, "Mangodrin SF", "Unique Pomegranate Superfruit" and "HGH Advanced", all work perfectly well for people passionate about weight loss and/or maintaining their weight and staying healthy at all times. Find them at:

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