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Updated on May 27, 2011


Here is the answer...TAA-DAA.... EUCERIN CALMING CREAM, hands down!!!!

Oh, I guess you saw it up there, didn't you?

Take it from me, I have done all the trials and tribulations for you already. Nothing is worse than itchy skin. It destroys your day, your week, your life! It's all you can think about. You can't relax. Sometimes, you can't even sleep! You don't want to scratch, because that just makes it worse!

I developed eczema as an adult, but come from a long line of asthma and hay fever sufferers. Allergies and sensitive skin run in my family. When I first developed eczema, I tried everything. I was desperate! I tried anti-histamines, both pill form and topical; various anti-itch creams, Caladril...I tried coconut based products. I tried other special "eczema creams." Nothing really seemed to help.

So one day I saw a product advertised on TV called Eucerin calming cream. I admit - I was a sucker for the name. CALMING CREAM. AHHHH. How LOVELY that sounded! It's just what my irritated itchy skin craved...CALMING. SOOTHING. REST AND RELAXTION.

So I trucked on down to my local Rite-Aide and picked up a tube.  It was a little more expensive than your typical "bargain brand" moisturizers...but hey, I figured, if it works, it's worth all the money in the world (and trust me, it wasn't THAT expensive....actually, you can get the rip-off Rite Aide brand for just eight bucks).

As soon as I got the stuff home, I uncapped it with anticipation.  Then I squeezed out a dollop, and was immediately impressed.  This stuff is THICK...not watery and thin.  I LIKE that in a moisturizer.  Plus, it had absolutely NO me, I am a sucker for pretty scents, but when it comes to sensitive skin, no scent is best!

To continue the saga, I rubbed it into my skin, and immediately sighed a sigh of relief.  AHHHH...the stuff DID feel calming!  I felt like it was working RIGHT AWAY!  It was AMAZING!  MIRACULOUS!

What is IN this stuff?

So I read the ingredients and found out.


Wait a minute!  Oatmeal was making my skin feel like it was suddenly on vacation in Figi?


But not just ANY old oatmeal. Not the kind of oatmeal you eat in a bowl with raisons and brown sugar.

COLLODIAL oatmeal.


I did some research and found out. Collodial oatmeal is ground up oatmeal (into a powdery form) that they place in lotions for the specific reason of LOWERING YOUR SKIN'S PH LEVEL! Whoa! Yes, itchy skin actually has a HIGHER PH level than normal skin! (Who knew)? The collodial oatmeal in Eucerin actually breaks the whole annoying itch/scratch cycle! Plus,it provides 24 hour moisturization, and is safe for children!

Eucerin products
Eucerin products

Eucerin has a WHOLE LINE of products for your skin, which I will happily me, these people know what works (and no, I do NOT work for the Eucerin Company)!

Plus, Eucerin has no steroids in it (a common method for controlling the annoying itch of eczema) which can ultimately harm your skin by thinning it.

Eucerin will be the one and only brand product for my skin, from now on. It's great for anyone with sensitive or problem skin........SO SEND YOUR SKIN ON VACATION! Seriously, it will thank you!



As an "addendum" to my little Eucerin saga, I would like to add this bit about baking soda. I read somewhere that a cool "baking soda bath" can also relieve the annoying itch of eczema.

I was out of Eucerin (and penniless!) the other day, but did manage to find a box of Arm and Hammer in the cabinet (also good for tooth whitening when you can't afford the "real" products).

Anyway, I wet a washcloth with cool water and dabbed some baking soda on, and gently washed my forehead, which was itching. Wow! I felt instant relief! I wish I had tried this home-made solution sooner!

I want to share this with you, fellow excema sufferers, because we are all in the same itchy boat, and I know how uncomfortable it is. Try this! It doesn't have to be a whole bathtub full of baking soda...just a dab on a cool (never hot - hot water can actually release histamines...did you know that? Always cool to tepid water...don't forget...!) wash-cloth over the affected area.

Do you wash all the baking soda off? I've tried it both ways.. ..washing it off completely, and leaving a little rubbed in to my skin. Both ways are effective.

But the most effective way of all? Just hold the cool wet washcloth with the bit of baking soda right over the itchy should feel relief within minutes!


(I can't seem to stop....AHHHHH)...I know you've heard this before, but eczema definitely does have a mental component involved....seriously, if you can keep your stress levels and anxiety down, you will feel an improvement in your skin condition.

Try relaxation funny funny things (try some of my other hubs)....simplify your life.....maintain good relationships....delegate extra work..give up your "perfectionism" and EXERCISE whenever possible!

You'll not only be helping your may also be lowering your blood pressure, and improving your immune system, as well. Stress takes quite a negative toll on your body!

Also, be aware of certain food "triggers" that can set you off. If you start itching madly after eating peanut butter on crackers for lunch...peanuts may be your culprite (which would stink, because hey..peanut butter is tasy good. But..oh well)! or people "triggers" - people who give you stress.

Now if that person is your spouse, you may have a real problem....but try to work it out. Don't take things so seriously! Don't hop on the defensive all the time! Positive relationships are vital for mental (and skin!)health.


Here are a few more unusual ideas I've picked up from fellow eczema can give them a try....when you're desperate, you'll try anything, right? Here they are: Selson Blue dandruff shampoo, and athlete's foot spray!


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    • profile image

      Anonymous 3 years ago

      Ok here it goes…I really liked this article, but in my opinion, Eucerin is crap.

      I tried that back in 3rd grade, along with every possible product to put on (Petroleum jelly, jojoba oil, olive oil, various lotions, etc.). Just to note, my eczema isn't really itchy, but it's on my hands and what happens is no matter what, they will get EXTREMELY dry, and they will start to crack and bleed and turn red.

      So I'm in elementary school, have grandma death hands, when in 5th grade or so, Aveeno comes out with their Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream (which also contains colloidal oatmeal). It's the light blue cap one. Now, I had tried other Aveeno products and they didn't do anything, so I was a bit leery. But I put it on at night and woke up to amazingly soft skin! Best part is, if you need to use it during the day, it absorbs pretty quickly for such a thick lotion, unlike Eucerin products and oil-based products. I've been using ever since, and I cannot live without it.

      Now I don't endorse Aveeno or anything, but I just hope to help someone similar to me, so they don't have to suffer either.

    • profile image

      JennyK 3 years ago

      I use purebodyscent facial moisturizers which are absolutely awesome, affordable, oil-free, all natural and long-lasting. They don't contain ANY toxic ingredients at all. The best part is this... I have the most sensitive skin ever, like I cannot use anything without breaking out. I tried purebodyscent for the first time and never broke out. The moisturizer seems oily but it is completely oil free. I applied some in the morning and that evening at 11pm, I swear this stuff was still on my face as if I just applied it. The products are amazing ... no hydrogenated oils either BTW ~ oh yeah and they have natural deodorants that smell awesome and work extremely well. I know several people with eczema and rosecea and they swear by this product.

    • profile image

      wendy 3 years ago

      hey I'm 13 yrs old. I would love to talk to you about my excema pls contact me on kik or twitter @passioniallx or _wendyhoran_

    • profile image

      Mike Z 4 years ago

      I got rid of my eczema after 40 years of trying everything, it is really funny. Perspiration, was making mine flare up, but finally it was the sweat the cleared it up. I was 5'8 and 190lb, very muscular (spent my life pumping heavy Iron--steroid free), in 6 years, I dropped 40lbs, became lean muscle of 150lb at age 58. The 40lb drop was to the fact that I took extreme mountaineering, past 6 years, tolerating eczema, but still persisting to 28000 feet elevation climbs.

      It was gone, suddenly!! Why? Why? I haven't had it in last 4 years; I still do not have any answer.

      I tell you in my case, I could hardly perspire being in the Gym everyday but after mountaineering, under hot sun, I gradually started to sweat like a pig; so much that I had nothing to pee, not to mention after drinking abundance of underground spring waters and etc. Look, I am not a doctor, I believe eczema could be induced or hereditary or both, in my case it was hereditary, but it does not mean that you can not correct a genetic imperfection; what I mean is, it seems to me it is a borderline case; with a little system imbalance it flares up, so it is sitting on the edge; well' answer is simple; try to live on the edge, and give it no excuse to flare up, so it could never flare up.

      Here my recommendation; pick up a healthy life-style and lose weight drastically, I mean drastically, it is easier than you think. Make sure you perspire to get toxins out of your body--sauna will not help, I tried that already, I do not know why, marathon running will. Make sure you expose yourself to sunshine daily--it was a miracle in my case--Vitamin D--cod liver oil are little help. Become a Fishejarian (I made that up), eat fish (salmon/fruits (pears) vegetables (Kale), nuts (Almonds) as your basis. Finally, good sex helps!! Good Luck! Conquering Eczema was tougher than climbing K2 @ 28000 feet. Now I have a new problem, I cannot live in cities and in flat surfaces, had to be in mountains--I am a goat, and I forfeited Corporate high Executive life style, luxury 3600 SQ.FT home in California and now live in a small Cabin in woods; left behind wife and kids in the city for monthly visits.

      A lone and happy, free of stress. I only think of which mountain I need to conquer next, study about them and prepare trips. Life is short--live stress free--good for your eczema.

    • profile image

      Sampson 6 years ago

      For some reason, this is really funny!

    • MsQuestion profile image

      MsQuestion 6 years ago from New Jersey

      Not just oatmeal...COLLODIAL oatmeal!

    • pinkydoo profile image

      pinkydoo 6 years ago from New York

      I like Eucerin, too. It feels really good on my skin. Must be that oatmeal!