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Updated on September 22, 2012

conversational hypnosis

We are all in a trance. Whatever you do, from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep you are in your own personal trance. Some of our trances are very light, while others affect us much more deeply. Some are personal trances while some are social.

We don't really think about our trance states. We just go about our lives lost in our own thoughts, our own world, and you never realize how disconnected you have become.

Have you ever gotten into an elevator and immediately joined in the social trance that takes place in that environment? People step into an elevator, turn face the door look down and remain silent. That is a social trance, we all do it. It's normal. It's natural. It is behavior that we have repeated so many times we don't realize it is a trance state.

But let's look at this phenomenon more closely. You get up in the morning take care of your bathroom duties, get your cup of coffee or tea and get lost in your thoughts of how you hope this day will go. You have just entered a trance state, not one you share with someone else. It is a personal trance. You get in your car back out of your driveway or your parking spot and head off to work. When you arrive at work, you realize you don't remember driving at all. Maybe you're a little bit frightened. Wonder what might have gone wrong or you just laugh about it is realize that you were lost in thought, and you arrived anyway. Another personal trance.

You can go through the entire day, entering one trance after another without ever being aware just how deeply entranced you have become. Of course, those are the gentle personal trances. Those normal things that happen to you each and every day. But how about the other trances? The trances other people guide you into without your awareness or your permission? Those covert trances?

It's true. Other people guide you into trances. Control your thoughts…direct your actions and influence your opinions…every single day. Do you really believe that under 25-year-old males drive certain vehicles because they all have exactly the same taste? Of course not. They are entranced. They are entranced by television commercials, print advertising, social media and Internet communication. Each and every one of them believes they are thought to be more handsome more virile, more desirable because of the vehicle they drive. This is not an accident. This is a trance. A covert trance.

Oh…there are so many covert trances. Some big and more obvious, some small and hardly noticed. The big trances are almost always designed to help you decide how to rid yourself of your money. Quite often they are very cleverly designed. They never tell you to spend your money at Target. Instead, they show you all the benefits you will have in your life because Target is there for you. You are going to look good, feel good, have more energy and be more popular. The money thing? They are magnanimously going to let you keep some of it.

At a deeper, less obvious level are the small, manipulative trances. You know them. You see them every day. The co-worker who always manages to pass off some of his work on someone else…and gets away with it. Or, maybe you are the workplace manipulator. Maybe you are running the show and people just follow your lead. They never know exactly what you are doing but they are okay with going along.

How about the motivational speakers? The Tony Robins of the world? Those men and women who string words together so casually that the audience never is aware of the onset of the trance. The way these people use words is very special. There is nothing casual about the selection of words or how they are combined.

Some of the most entrancing phrases contain power words used in a casual manner. Please indulge this small example: Because you are reading this article…and…you have chosen to pay attention…that means you will improve your mood.

The power comes from “because”, “and” and “that means”. Putting those words together in that manner you the power to draw people to a specific conclusion. While that example might seem a little obvious, try it. People don’t realize what you are doing. You create the trance.

So…what trance are you in? Simply by being aware of the possibilities…and…you are beginning to think more about words, means you have accepted my trance.

Don’t worry; there are no dangerous side effects. This semi-covert trance is a trance of enlightenment. You are now in control.


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    • from the doctor profile image

      Michael Smith, PhD, CHt 5 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      The answer is "sometimes" or "not always".

      Most trances do seem to be media, coworkers, family and personal beliefs. But some don't seem to have a reason. They appear to just be a part of the human condition.

    • innerspin profile image

      Kim Kennedy 5 years ago from uk

      Is there a purpose to these trance states? I'm often aware of being in a trance, particularly since having inner ear damage - feel a bit disconnected from things. It would be interesting to understand why. Thanks for the hub.