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What Precedes Acid Reflux?

Updated on June 15, 2015

Leaking Upper Stomach Valve Only Symptom not Cause for Acid Reflux.

If one knows little more about acid reflux than that it is caused by a leaking upper stomach valve in the esophagus,the condition may become permanent, which is unnecessary.

Most medical writing on the internet doesn't explain why the lower valve in the esophagus doesn't close properly anymore if the person doesn't suffer from obesity,hiatal hernia, prednisolone, a drug and visceroptosis or Glénard syndrome, the Zollinger-Ellison syndrome and Hypercalcemia. In fact, people not suffering from these conditions, but still suffering from acid reflux could easily be the majority of cases.

What to do when one doesn't suffer from the above mentioned conditions but only has heartburn or acid reflux:

The first thing to do is never to accept an opinion without a test as one of the most favored approaches, is lowering the acidity level in the stomach with so called antacids. This is not a solution to a leaking valve if there hasn't been a test to prove a too high acidity level of the stomach. It can only be a temporary solution to pain. And because the pain comes back after each meal one eats, one will get hooked on antacids for life.

The second thing is to measure the overall body's ph level as the upper as well as the lower stomach valve for their well functioning depend on a 2-4 ph acidity level of the stomach acid.

If the stomach acid is too low or too high the valves won't function properly anymore. But instead of assuming it is too high or too low and prescribing acid lowering medication or the opposite, one should have a look at what the eating habits are and if they could possibly be the cause for an already too low stomach acid level or if the opposite is true.

In natural medicine the amount of cases in which stomach acid is too low superseeds by far the cases with a too high level of the same acid. The causes for a too low acidity level are many and varied: zinc deficiency is one of them.

Zinc Deficiency and Antacids

Candida Overgrowth

Candida overgrowth in the intestines is another one and the continued use of antacids, ironically, is another one. Calcium secretion from the bones is another one and it doesn't necessarily have to do with a dysfunctional thyroid, it can also be a result of poor eating habits, drinking too much coffee or alcohol, black tea,

What the should one do when one suffers so much pain it becomes unbearable? Aloe vera drink 100 percent is a perfect temporary solution to replace antacids. It has no side effects whatsoever, heals the stomach, esophagal and intestinal tissue and can be taken till the valve starts functioning and closing off properly again.

Candida overgrowth is a possible side effect of bad eating habits and takes a longer time to be balanced. If you would like to get a complete overview of the various problems preceding acid reflux and how to deal with them go to: Health Info Request

Killing Candida


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