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Why You Should Quit Smoking Or Switch To Electronic Cigarrettes

Updated on January 1, 2013

Why do I Care if You Switch To E-cigarrettes or Quit Smoking

First let me confess that I am not a smoker. I have never smoked, so why should I care if others quit smoking or swith to e-cigarrettes.

I was asked once by a Dr if I smoked. This was when I was 19 years old. He said my lungs sounded like that of a smoker's, and if I ever did smoke I would probably die. Later in life I made this comment to a friend and she asked me if I had been a pre-maturely-born baby. I told her yes, I was born at five pounds, way before my time, and had to be in an incubator. She said that explained why. Back then there weren't medications available to help my lungs mature and develope properly. I finally understood the Dr's comment--now it made sense. A few years ago I developed asthma as well, but it's usually set off by chemicals such as hairspray, lysol and the worst one-- cigarrette smoke.

Now I am a hygienist and frequently see the effects this habit has on many of my patients when it comes to gum disease, increased caries, increased root canals, staining and tartar buildup, and ofcourse the risk of oral cancer -- due to dry-mouth and the many chemicals in the cigarrettes... so this is why I care.

Why Else Should You Care to Quit or Switch to E-Cigarrettes

Other reasons to quit or at least switch then the ones already mentioned:

1. Money. Quitting saves you money, and I've been told using the E-cigarrettes also saves money.

2. You will be younger: smoking ages the body rapidly.

3. Better overall health: less risk of high blood pressure, lung cancer, emphysema etc.

WHY SWITCH: if you are unable to quit smoking the E-cigarrettes deliver the nicotene without the hundreds of cancer-causing chemicals and the polluting-effects of the smoke to others. The verdict is still out on the health benefits of this product. It is still harmful since Nicotene is addictive, but if you must smoke...please choose the lesser of the two evils.

From my stand point I wish you would understand that you do affect others around you who have to share the same air you do. For me just the slight scent of the cigarrete smoke in someone's hair, clothes, or as they are passing by is enough to cause me to stop breathing or go into a convulsive coughing attack for several minutes after. Think about the effect you have on your existing family, your grand children, children etc. My daughter went to her grandmother's just the other day and as soon as she sat in the car I could smell the suffocating smoke coming out of her clothes and had to roll down the windows, in the middle of the winter.

This is really a plea to you current smokers:

Be kind to us...many of us people with respiratory problems do struggle to breath as we step out of stores and restaurants, and have to breath your lingering smoke. Lets face it most smokers don't follow the law about smoking away from buildings.

AND Last but Not Least: if you are not a smoker please DON'T START even the e-cigarrettes ARE NOT the best choice for a healthy life.

For more info on Electronic cigarrettes read


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    • profile image

      Juliana 2 years ago

      If it only was that´╗┐ easy Very few people suceced in changing their life long habits by taking so drastic steps as quitting smoking cold turkey. Electronic cigarette is the least painless way to quit smoking regular cigarettes. Seriously, I was not able to quit until ecigs became available and now I smoke zero nicotine ones and some days, I even forget to puff my ecig.I could never miss a day without smoking when I was doing regular ones

    • crazymom3 profile image

      crazymom3 2 years ago

      Ho wonderful!! Congratulations and thank you for your comment :-)

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