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Holistic Lifestyle Planning: Tidbits for the Road

Updated on December 23, 2009
Fun Moving Day!
Fun Moving Day!
Not My Truck!
Not My Truck!

Moving Day: We Move A Lot More Than Just Furniture !

Well, I got completely moved last week...

and I have been dealing with the after-effects! It has been quite a while since the last time I moved and it amazes me how much energy, on all levels of being, that it uses. I tried to unload some stuff before packing to move, and I did toss quite a bit. But I am feeling there is still more to go. Time will tell just what, and when. Starting fresh is the name of the game now, and the move has brought up emotional issues that need to be balanced as well. I always start from the level of the spiritual consciousness to begin the wholistic processes of healing/transmutation. Please refer to my previous Holistic Lifestyle Planning hubs for more information.

From the wholistic perspective, I begin by connecting with my spiritual level of consciousness to secure my senses with my highest level of understanding and perception (Higher Mind/Christ Mind that is One with Source/God). This level has the fastest vibrating energy of conscience, what some might call the enlightened state of mind and heart. Various spiritual paths offer any number of techniques to make this connection. I leave that to you, but you are welcome to ask about my techniques. This is the level where I get the answers to my questions, i.e. what are the specific emotional issues that are "up for attention, healing and/or transmutation at this time?" Some might say they are talking to God and God is speaking to the answers to questions. What do I need to do to at each level of consciousness (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical and/or environment) to re-establish wholistic balance in my total being?

Well, the answers were quick and easy to figure out. After three beautiful days of sunny, upper 20 and lower 30 degree weather that was suppose to last one more day, but didn't; I had to move in windy, sub-zero weather. My youngest son that is 18 years old, said it best, "...this is the worst day of my life...!" Of course he and I did most of the heavy lifting and worked a 12 hour day moving; a few friends offered a few hours of help. Thank goodness I am a believer in living sparsely; haven't accumulated too much through the years living in apartments. All my diligent planning to make it a less stressful move vanished with the change in weather! So, needless to say I was stressed to the max, with the more than usual physical exertion, the cold, and the desire to complain about it all; and the complaint that urks me the most...oh boo hooo, nobody loves me enough to help me more !!! Which in my psychological pattern brings anger, and the thoughts that men are mean and that they are useless twits (put very politely!); because the fathers of my children were screw ups and have never been around to help me, with anything, EVER; and my father died when I was 20, still angry at me that I had become a teenage mother. It takes a lot of stress for me to fall that deep into those core issues; hadn't been there in a long time, but there I was; surrounded with out of place furniture, 60 boxes stacked on cold hardwood floors, bare walls and a strange new place with all its strange new energies to perceive and get used to being around. My son made the great escape back to his dorm room because he had classes the next day!

I really needed to work the next day, but didn't make it. After being up till 2 a.m. putting my bed together, first on the agenda was sleeping all warm and cozy, as long as possible. Oh, dear sleep, the best idea God/source ever had, the greatest healer of body, mind and soul. And when I woke up, did absolutely nothing but shuffle around and do a little of this and that, took a hot bath and laid around reading, all the next day. No agenda is ideal for de-stressing. My mind was numb, morning prayers and spoken affirmations began as rote, but believing they make a difference, I worked through the dullness. Doing them did bring my heart and mind into a more pleasant level of feeling so that my body could relax and regenerate. The next few days I did go back to work, but consciously took it extra easy on myself in all aspects. I am grateful I can pretty much set my own agenda, and that my clients are flexible.

Affects from the move: To deal with the soul/psychological issues, I write in my journal of my feelings and sort them out. Then in the healthy mothering state of mind and heart, I talk to my inner child, teen and young adult about what are the healthy, psychological components of the developmental stages that need to re-align within my being, and then spend time visualizing beautiful things relevant to those components.This time I visualized how I wanted to set my apartment up, injecting the feelings of understanding and forgiveness to men of the past and present, and that my apartment is a place of joy where angels come to visit me. I set my green plants where I wanted them, and arranged my birds and their areas, as I listened to the classical music station; not thinking at all about finances or work. And I cooked and ate something extra special for myself, which is always a joy and very healing. This type of caring for our own soul in doing the things that are healthy, is the greatest form of healing we can give ourselves. It helps us to transmute the out of alignment states of being, bringing us back into balance.

I used to physically work myself hard trying to get out of unconscious and subconscious anger and pain. But since I have become aware of my psychology/soul issues, I have learned that loving myself, in the ways as I have stated above, when hard times happen, has kept me healthier spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. I believe that staying healthy begins with making the connection with our highest spiritual aspect of Self/God, and as we learn to "see" what needs to be addressed in all aspects of our being in the mental, emotional and the physical, we can stop ill health at any of those levels before it manifests as an illness. This is key in my definition within a wholistic belief system, that health begins in the spiritual, and can cycle, as degrees of illness, into the other levels of consciousness if it is not taken care of before hand. I guess that is my definition of "faith healing".

It is possible to learn to recognize one's own levels of energy and learn to take action to facilitate them working together in their flux and flow states of movement for wellness and prevention of ill health. This knowledge requires understanding not only of one's own definition of God/Source and a belief system, but also psychology and some basic healthy lifestyle aspects; as well as knowledge of the electromagnetic field (the aura), the flow of chi/energy through the meridians and the energy centers (the chakras), such as is used in Chinese Medicine. Or in some cases, a person could have absolutely no knowledge of any of the above, but be balanced in their own sense of self as One with the Universe. It is interesting how our individual free will choices across the spectrum has created a hodge-podge of knowing, hence the varying states of ill health some experience.

Anyway, I have come to use a unique energy centers system that focuses on the ultimate goal of wholistic health, not using the more popular chakra system most people refer to, that I believe focuses on where it's not the healthiest place to be. Sharing that will require much more information than I can offer in this hub.

"Tidbits for the Road" is going to be a continuing series; my way of symbolizing the path of the Soul as she walks through Life on earth. In that we are spiritual beings having an earthly experience, our soul has the need to raise her senses out of the mundane and into the sense of being Divine; to keep us feeling sacred, and that Life has purpose. I believe the purpose of Life is to fulfill our Divine Plan/mission, acquire the belief of Oneness with Creator and gradually Ascend to that state of consciousness. So , that is why there is a calendar of specific Holy Days in the various religions, to create habit patterns for the soul to follow, to make it through the earthly realms. It is interesting how that translates throughout the various individual belief systems, religions and philosophies. I continue to enjoy learning to understand them.

I am grateful that we learn from each other within all of our interactions at all levels of consciousness. Life is Good !

So until next time, I extend many blessings and great joy to you all !

Yours Truly,



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