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Updated on March 16, 2013

To begin a successful juice fasting, there are certain tips that should not be overlooked. For the novices who are unaware about the benefits of juice fasting, the good is that detoxification and weight loss is the main outcome of the fast. Once the juice fasting is adopted, it starts eliminating the toxin material out of the body by cleaning the digestive system. Additionally, the juice nutrients help in boosting up the defense system of the body. As the juice fasting consists of only fruits and vegetables and no fatty diet is involved, the body gets completely nourished and weight loss is evident. Mostly, people adopt the juice fasting when they want to lose extra weight in order to look fit and smart.

It also helps in getting rid of the food cravings that people usually get in odd timings. The craving for sweet dishes or junk food gets immensely reduced while juice fasting. People achieve clarity of mind and start focusing in a much better way than ever before. It improves the level of concentration. In this way, the choice of wrong food and over eating vanishes over time.

However, juice fasting is difficult to complete but by following simple tips it can be followed easily. The first thing before initiating juice fasting is the planning and preparation step. It includes the planning of variety of juices for the fast so that you can overcome monotony. The planning should be done a week ahead so that you do not feel overburdened during the period of fast. Start the juice fast with “mean green” smoothie as it is highly nutritious as well as good in taste. For afternoon, try something different for variety. A mixture of fruit juices would be an ideal deal for lunch.

As in juice fasting duration, people usually feel lack of energy so avoid performing hardcore exercises and stick to the basic walking and cycling. For more enthusiasm and motivation, try to get accompanied with a friend during workout session. The most important aspect that should not be avoided is the medical checkup with the doctor in order to ensure the health condition and in case of any ailment, ask your doctor about the recommendation regarding juice fasting.


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