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Waist Trainers, Do They Work?

Updated on January 11, 2018

Know What You Are Working For.

I can not make my mind to remember how many photos of Instagram models and celebrities I've seen using waist trainers and claiming that they own their perfect body and/or slim waist to them.

Under the right circumstances, and for the right purposes, yes, a waist trainer will work, the issue begins when you think that it is going to make you actually lose weight or belly fat on its own.

How To Know If It Is Going To Work For You

There is a base concept that needs to be understood, the only thing that can be done with this accessory is to give shape to your belly along with the weight loss process, so a waist trainer can work for you if :

-You are already losing weight with the appropriate diet and exercise program and you want to shape your belly along the way.

-You are losing weight under any circumstances.

So as you can see the requirements are pretty minimal.

You have to start losing weight in the first place.

So, How Do I Lose Weight By Using Waist Trainers?

Well, you can not.

This is the whole point, by putting pressure on part of your body you will not make it smaller, maybe a few hours, maybe a whole beach day but everything will go back to its place once you are breathing all good again.

Think about wrapping a really full and tight pillow on the center for a few hours a day and expecting it to get smaller in that area, of course, it will, for a few minutes after you remove the band from the center, give it a few moments of usage, and your pillow is back to how it was.

Now try taking some stuff out, it may get a litter bit smaller and looser, now if you wrapped it around again your will decide where the stuff is going to stay.

See my point here?

Lose some weight, then you shape what you are left with, it will not get simpler than that.


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