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Walk Be In It

Updated on May 6, 2011

Pravin Vaghani (Photo by Unusha Vaghani)

Walking is Pleasure
Walking is Pleasure

Walk Be In It

WALK - be in it

I have been walking for health for many years now, since after the heart attack in 1982. Apart from helping to keep good health I found it helps to relax the mind also and many creative ideas keep flowing through the mind during the walk.

Recorded Music – Not a Good Company

In the beginning I carried the walkman for company (mobiles and MP3 were still in the laboratory). The selected music and songs I had recorded on the cassettes echoed in my brain through the earphones plugged in my ears. They were very refreshing. But I soon got tired of it, realizing that I had created a bubble around me and as if I was walking in it in isolation instead of enjoying and being part of the nature surrounding me.

Enjoy The Surrounding

So I discontinued that and let the mind do its own free thinking. Observing the beauty of the nature around, listening to the singing of the birds, saying hello to that other walker that I crossed, smiling at that man or woman working in their front garden. The whole world around me looked so beautiful and sounded so friendly.

Walking Makes You Creative

I planned the day's program, find solution to problems, muttering the popular songs and even started creating poems. I was now going for a walk not just in the morning but in the evening as well and on Sundays and holidays even at midday.

Walking Controls Your Weight

     Now, I am no expert on weight control and cannot advise about remedies or methods for reducing or controling weight. All I can say is that at the time of my heart attack I was slightly overweight. My doctor made for me an appointment with a dietician. She had minimal suggestion about changing my food habits as I am a vegetarian. But after I started walking regularly, my weight has been in control and has been steady ever since.

Walk in All Seasons

Summer days and sunny days were okay when the sun was shining and the air was fresh. But the cold, wet, winter days were a bother. It was not so much relaxing to walk wearing a raincoat or carrying an umbrella.

However, after the development of the large shopping centre once I had gone there to buy a newspaper, when I noticed that in the shopping center I had to overtake persons walking slower and that some persons, walking faster, overtook me. I noticed a person who had just overtaken me coming back towards me just at the same speed; nothing unusual; after all some persons do walk fast as a habit. Whether you have a shopping bag in your hand, you are walking in and out of the shops, nobody bothers to notice and certainly nobody is going to stop and ask you.

They May Be Walking

That gave me an idea. What if on cold, wet, winter day I come here for my walk. I come here for shopping anyway, and it always looked like a long walk sometimes just to buy a newspaper or a carton of milk. Nobody here seems to have time or curiosity to notice what the others are doing. Since then I started going to such shopping centres for my walk. Now I no longer look for a parking spot closest to the entrance and it doesn't matter if the parking is at the opposite end; after all, extra walking is good for health.

Shopping Centers Benifit

Perhaps, during the winter, the shopping centres themselves could advertise this as a promotion and suggest the shoppers to do extra walking there. Shoppers may come there more often just for that. Some shoppers have the habit of shopping in one part of the centre and rarely visit the other part. This will encourage them to walk through whole of the shopping centre. Some of them may spend some more money in the shopping centre, specially in coffee shops and food courts.

Spread The Word Around

May be on one Sunday, a special 'Walk Day' may be organised when the experts may be there to advise on the benefits of walking, correct method of walking, how to treat the injury suffered when walking etc. The businesses selling trek suits, walking shoes, health foods, physiotherapists, weight watchers, may be interested in sponsoring such days. The local schools may be invited to participate. The heart foundation, 'Life-be in it', may take part in such programs. The possibilities are unlimited. The large shopping centres thus will have the golden opportunity of contributing to the nation's health.

Note: I invite you to put forward your suggestions about Walking, in the comment box here. Thanks. - Pravin Vaghani



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    • Georzetta profile image

      Georzetta Ratcliffe 7 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Many seniors do their walking in our indoor mall in the winter and the heat of summer.

      I also agree with you about walking with out music. Be in the world. You notice a whole lot more.