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Walk Your Way To A Healthier You

Updated on January 15, 2010

Walking is a great and easy way that any one can do, to increase physical fitness and to help promote a healthier lifestyle and even reach weight loss goals.  Many people think that walking doesn’t help, or that they would have to walk for hours, for it to make a difference.  This just isn’t the case!  I decided recently that I wanted to do something to increase how many calories I burn in a day.  However, between work, school, my 2 kids and my Partner, and my 2 hour 5 days a week work out, where would I squeeze in more time for such a feat?  I found that walking was the answer to my question.


I wear a bodybugg, from Apex and 24hour Fitness.  My bodybugg tells me how many calories a burn per day (and even per minute), so it was easy to track how many calories I was burning in a day.  Prior to my new walking regimen, I was struggling to hit my 3200 calorie burn goal each day, even with my 2 hour work outs.  I decided that I get 2 fifteen minute breaks and a ½ hour lunch that I could easily walk during.  So, I took my sneakers to work, tucked them under my desk and a few minutes prior to each break time, I switch from my heels to my sneakers, so when break time rolls around, I hop out of my chair, and head off for my walk. 


During my first 15 minute break, I burned 150 calories!  Wow!  That is a huge difference; it’s way better than the 45 calories I usually burn by sitting at my desk during the same amount of time.  On days where I can manage to walk during both breaks and my lunch I manage to burn an additional 600 calories, just during those periods of added activity!  The even greater part is that by getting up and moving during this period, I actually burn more calories over all during the day, because I am increasing my activity levels.  I rarely manage to walk during all three of my break periods, but I consistently walk at least two, and I still manage to burn a significantly higher number of calories each day. 


Now, where I was struggling to hit 3200 calories a day, I am consistently burning 3500 – 3700 calories!  That is a drastic improvement, and every little bit helps.  Sometimes you hit a plateau where weight loss will slow down or stop all together.  During these periods it is even increasingly important to find ways to boost your workouts to the next level.  Walking is an easy fix!    


Now mind you, the walk should be at a brisk pace, so get up, get moving, swing those arms, bring some music and walk your way to a healthier you!



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