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Walkers – a mobility aid for the elderly

Updated on January 10, 2013

With advancing age limitations in mobility arise and compromise independence and well-being. To be able to get up and move to the location you want is a luxury that many seniors no longer have.

When the first difficulties arise it’s necessary to adapt the context where the senior spends his time and choose the best aid. This way the mobility is maintained for the longest period of time possible, the security is increased and family members may be less concerned with the likelihood of falls.

A great choice that allows your elderly relative to move, safely, to maintain his/hers independence and quality of life is the Walker.

So, what is a Walker?

It is an assistive technology for the elderly or disabled people, which allows to walk with support and security.

It is a structure where the senior gets supported for:

- balance and stability;

- to alleviate the lower limbs from the loads;

- to initiate and maintain motion.

Advantages of using the Walker:

- The risk of falls is reduced;

- May continue to move without help from others, even when walking happens with difficulty;

-With the accessories the senior can carry various objects while walking;

- Some walkers allow the senior to sit to rest from a walk;

- It facilitates the recovery of motion after surgery;

- Increases confidence, satisfaction and well-being of the elderly.

When using the Walker:

It is important that the use of the Walker is trained and supervised at an early stage.

While using the Walker the senior should keep his/hers hands free to hold on. Any object must be transported in the basket or tray.

The steps should be taken within the area created by the Walker – without putting your foot on the front or too far back- and the position should be as upright as possible.

Walker Types:

Standard Walker, without wheels: it is astructure, usuallyof lightweight metal,with fourpointsof support that touch the ground.Canbe articulatedin order to accompany the movementsof the body.

Two wheel Walker: it has two wheels on the front.It facilitates themoving of thewalker, asyoujust lift the back.However, this one requiresmore controlby the elderly, sincethe front wheelsmay slip beyond thedesired distance.

Three wheel Walker: it has only three points in contact with the ground and there are wheels on each of them. It takes up less space andis much moremaneuverable. It’s a good choice for senior citizens withminorlimitations.Usually hasbrakes.

Four-wheel Walker: wheeled in each of thefour points that touch the ground.It is less maneuverable than the threewheel Walker, but provides morestability. It allowsfeaturessuch as a basket or a tray totransportobjects, a resting seat, etc.Usually hasbrakes.

The Walkers with wheels are also called Rollators.

With the help of the Walker your elderly relative can continue to safely walk wherever he wants.

Be well!


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