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Walking With Mirrors

Updated on December 22, 2017

From day one, we are influenced by those who surround us. Parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins, you name it. This fact does not have an end-point in our life even as we get older. In fact, the presence of others becomes more prominent the older we get, with the biggest impacts coming in our adolescence and young adult years.

This means that the power of impact we have on others is so great, that we can't grasp that idea sometimes.

Guys will always ask girls why they spend so much time fixing their make-up (I am guilty of this as well), and girls may never understand why some guys will act like superman around them, but can be an entire different animal when around their "guy friends".

These examples exist because everyone who breathes also consistently walk with a mirror in their hands. This mirror, though, is constantly facing everyone but them.

Just imagine for a second that you are staring into a bathroom mirror, because do you ever walk by that mirror without taking a quick look at yourself? Of course not, because we want to present ourselves to others in the way we think that they feel we look best with. Don't believe me?

Back to my examples...A girl may believe that they need to wear make-up to fit in with their friends, impress a crush, or to bend into submission to what society dictates as beautiful. As for the guys, they may treat the girl with love and respect so that they receive the same back (or use it as a way to impress them), but then becomes unrecognizable to the girl when he is acting crazy, stupid, or mean when with his friends. Why do these conflicts even exist?

The impact of the mirrors.

This also explains why trends appear. Trends and mirrors eliminate our sense of individuality. There are two different results that happen when we personally try something that no one else is currently doing:

  1. We get rejected and outcast
  2. Others absolutely love the idea, and start doing it themselves.

In terms of standing-out and expressing our individuality, this is a lose-lose situation. Therefore, leaving us wanting no other option than to conform to others expectations. A sad truth, but still has great potential.

Think about this: with our impact of thought of others being so powerful, along with the chance of catching on with others, why not use this power for good?

Go out, and find a way to make a positive difference, because when we do, people realize that the mirror is not facing us. It is facing them, and they now feel the pressure to follow your lead. If they don't, well, it may look more like a bad hair-day for them.

© 2017 Andee Tickle


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