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Walking and Weight loss: What is the correct way to do this?

Updated on March 23, 2016

We have already talked about the benefits of much goes on health. It raises the morale, and reduces stress and lowers high blood pressure and many more health benefits.

It is known that a little exercise for our bodies in the same way every day is considered to be effective as for a walk. However, it is possible to lose several kilograms, making just the way?
The answer is yes and so that you easily get the desired results it takes to pray just walking these tips for the body of your dreams by many.

Is it possible to lose weight, walk?
As we answer requires from you some effort Any physical activity would indeed instead you burn fat and help calorie surplus. Merely walking every day at regular intervals and for a certain time leads to increased muscle mass and fat to reduce reserve and thus weight loss.
But be taken in addition to regular walking, to ensure the safety of our food, and the reduction of fast food, sweets, and sugary sodas.

What are the factors that are considered to be taken to lose weight while you walk?
How much time should you go?
For visible results since the first few months, for half walk Valmthala one hour twice a day, morning and evening. This practice is excellent for the body, and will help you down and burn fat gain muscle.
But if you want to improve only your health, and your condition and vital moral Ozark, it is enough to go one day for half an hour. So more Vlaanagas weight actually, it is necessary for the program at a rate at least twice a day setting on foot.

What speed should I go through?
Enough to walk at a moderate pace, as you increase your speed if you want, but without running an end to achieve. This can burn your goal to lose excess fat and weight to reach.
These are some tips that the majority of shares will help ensure that you are asked, they will walk more efficiently:

It is not good to make steps and large, but just enough to go fast. In particular, attention to the movement of the ankle and Focus on the moment of contact with the heel of the country.
Relax your shoulders and bitch about the tension and concentration gel in the way you think about just your walk and bitch about ideas that will Cho HK. Try Tstmtaa sharing your feet as much as possible.

Well, check the status of the head, if you think that just going neck pain should avoid to feel later or dizzy Retina walk. And do not forget, and go, you should focus your eyes at a distance of 6 meters in front of you. This will help to keep the natural position of a head without a feeling of heaviness in the neck.

Do all body movements are soft and smooth and natural, without discomfort or pressure.
Many people do not know how to put your hands when you walk. So the best option is Tehama about 90 degrees. When walking, it is important that you move your hands naturally without removal from the body to the left arm forward with the right foot, and vice versa.
Remember that their fists your hands must be closed, and you go, because it can damage the blood circulation in the arms. To get your hands Mstrkhittan.

Recruit a favorable environment for walking is better not to choose the area, filled with stones or gravel while walking. This will make it your steps difficult, and may cause injury to the hip or twisted easily. It is recommended that on a flat surface such as parks that walking ...
It closed shoes is also important to choose a comfortable, well, allowing you to protect your feet from damage. Also, remember to wear comfortable clothing and loose. Do not forget a bottle of water.


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