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Walking in Snow - The "Fremen" Way

Updated on January 8, 2010

Learning to walk in snow and ice is very similar to the skills that the Freemen developed to deal with the Sandworms of Dune.

While the cost of doing this incorrectly might not be as ruinous - after all a Sandworm swallowing you whole can really ruin your day! - broken bones and serious bruises are still nothing to laugh at!

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Dress like a Fremen!

Just like the Fremen, the requirements are many and varied - starting initially with the proper equipment!  it is imperative that appropriate clothing for the weather is worn.  Now while the Fremen had Stillsuits to preserve their water and moisture in the blazing desiccation of Dune, dealing with cold weather requires a different type of attire.

Footwear is key

Make sure that your boots - ladies leave the heels at home! - have a good grip with a good rubber sole

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The Stride

While the Fremen had to utilize a special walk to deal with and fool the Sandworms - step, slide, glide, slither and continue in random fashion - walking in snow and ice requires its own special method.  Basically depending on the conditions you want to look for clear space that is completely free of snow and ice.  If the ground looks shiny then it is best to avoid it as that is probably "black ice" and will be extremely slippery.

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If you are able to walk on grass vs. concrete - do it.  You will get a better purchase and will have less chance of slipping.  If this is not an option it actually makes more sense to look for ground that has snow cover for the same reason.  If you feet sink into the snow - even better ... see this is where warm boots really come into play!

Make sure that you are taking small steps and do not run.  If you are in a hurry or have a commitment it is better to give yourself extra time in these weather conditions as if you run and slip you will not be able to recover your balance fast enough.

Slipping in snow and ice is not only painfull, but it is also embarrasing!

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The Right way to Fall

If unfortunately you do fall down, there is a right way and a wrong way to do.  Always try to fall forward with your hands in front of you.  You want to try and catch yourself before you hit the ground if possible as banging the back of your head (or the front for that matter) could have severe repurcusions.

If you know any martial arts like Judo - a rolling fall could save you from severe damage but you always want to try and protect your head!!

Remember broker arms heal ... broken heads ... kill!

Stay warm and safe.  Best of luck in the winter weather.


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