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Malleswaram - Walking in to Peace in Peace.

Updated on September 13, 2014
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I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

Morning Walk or Evening Walk.

Residents of Malleswara in Bangalore are proud of their heritage water tank called as Sankey Tank.Col.Richerd Hieram Sankey built this tank in the year1882 with in nearly 38 acres of land to avoid any water shortage to the areas around this man made tank the size of a dozen sports stad ndium with a shore line of nearly 2.5 KM. There were plans to link this tank with two more tanks which were Miller's Tank and Dharmambudi tank . This tank was soon connected to collect strom water and se wage water resulting in foul smell in the area. As usual the local people did some encroachments around the tank, Immersion of Sri.Ganesh went on year after year with all the pooja flowers thrown in tons in to the lake, few people let out the drainage water from their homes,few started throwing garbage from all directions of the tank.The whole tank soon was a big mes in few years,It was ripe time for the land sharks to step and act as saviors of nature in and Bangalore's The two big land sharks Mantri and Abishek tried to construct a huge apartment complex and it was time for morning walkers to take action which resulted in court order not to construct any structures few miles around the tank.The Bangalore water supply and Sewage Board and Bangalore Mahanagara Palike which was administrated well at that time with funds from govt of Karnataka now swung in to action and:-

1 - Cleared all encroachments.

2 - Dumped tons of Alum.

3 - Built Nursery in the best part of the lake.

4 - Built paved walking tracks.

5 - Cleared the shore and land scape the entire area.

6 - Built a separate nice tank for Sri.Ganapathi immersion.

7 - A New Swimming pool was built.

8 - Boating around the lake is arranged.

9 - A statue of Lord.Buddha near the lake makes the place real quite and peaceful.

The real estate developers who had acquired land with Forest Dept's clearance was of no use and the forest dept was asked by the court to take back the land from the real estate developers.As you walk around the shore lake you are walking in to peace in a peaceful frame of mind and you will keep walking till it hurts your knees.It is possible you may hear some noise from the traffic in a distance but it will not bother you.There are other areas also around this lake which happens to be adjacent to Malleswaram.


Malleshwara is a north-western district of Bangalore City. It was developed as a suburb during the great plague of 1898, which caused many people to move out from the city center. It derives its name from the Kaadu Malleshwara temple located on one of its main road going north to south direction.The world famous Indian Institute of Science formerly known as Tata Institute is located in this place.Sir.C.V.Raman lived here and his house is the biggest place kept as it was during his stay in this big bungalow and there are few left to show what sort of persons lived here.One of the best locality of a former princely state had few of the famous advisers to the King of Mysore a princely State also lived here.H. V. Nanjundaiah is credited with the founding of Malleshwara, and 6th main road is named after him. The neighborhood of Malleshwara hosts people from all walks of life. Nobel laureates named above (C.V. Raman), renowned scientists (Krishnaswamy Kasturirangan), and world champions (Prakash Padukone,India's Ace Badminton Player) live or lived here, so did many writers, scholars, musicians (Doraiswamy Iyengar),renowned kannada writer/poet Sri.G.P.Rajarathnam, film stars (SarojaDevi), and educators (M.P.L.Shastry) on account of these people the layout has the best layout compared to others in the decades that are gone.The big house has gone the land sharks way and huge apartments have come up in its place.The land value is highest in the city as also its adjoining places or localities.There are plenty of good Hotels including 5 Star Hotels and Huge Malls that attract people since it has many schools,colleges and hostels for boys and girls.The Malleswaram Club in another place for residents who are members and enjoy the clubs daily activities in indoor and out door sports.Many temples are there for all types of the community living here.Social organizations,Sports Stadium and huge Lake & Park provide much needed young and old to do what ever activities they like to participate.There is a Music Hall where 1000 people can sit in air conditioned Auditorium to listen or see music and drama performed by famous artists of India.The roads are well laid out with sign boards that show the person where he is and can make out where he has to go.City bus service is taking the locals of the area where ever they want to go from here.

If you go to Malleswaram go to Buddha Temple.

Now Malleswaram's Pride - Peace all around is this Tank.


Learn Meditation and improve your quality of Life.

The Road to Buddha Temple in Peace.- Malleswaram.

Prayer & Meditation Hall - Buddha Temple - Malleswaram.

The Main Door kept open no security blah blah.- Malleswaram

They are all studying in Malleswaram?

The Temple Doom - Buddha Temple - Malleswaram.

Malleswaram people walking around the Lake Sankey Tank near Buddha Temple.

Before BWSSB & BMP renovation of Lake Sankey Tank. Malleswaram.



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    • sarahshuihan profile image

      Sarah 4 years ago from USA

      This looks like a great place to visit! Thanks for sharing!