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Get Fit by Walking Indoors

Updated on January 16, 2018

I have started exercising again, hooray for me, I know!

Let me explain. I needed a way to lose weight and become fit and healthy without joining a gym. Over the past 10 years, I have put on a few pounds which doesn't make me happy or feel very good about my body.

Shopping for clothes and seeing myself in the mirror growing ever larger was becoming a bit disconcerting and no fun at all.

Although I know, like everyone else, that regular exercise is the best way to maintain a healthy weight, I was having difficulty finding a way to squeeze it into my life without feeling completely inconvenienced and overwhelmed.

Enter free videos on YouTube! Just the absolute best way, for me, personally, to squeeze that 15 minutes (at least) of cardio into my daily routine.

Walking outside is awesome...


But it's not always possible...

You see, I work full time and I'm on my feet 8 hours a day and when I get home from work, exercise is the last thing on my mind. Sorry to say it, but it is true.

I needed to find a solution to my lack of motivation to making exercise a priority in my life and was trying to motivate myself to even take a walk around the block at the end of the day.

Although I knew I would feel better mentally and physically after walking, for some reason, something would always deter me - the weather, my exhaustion, or even not being able to decide what I would wear on the walk would become excuses for not taking a walk at all.

"It's too hot", "It's too cold", "Should I take the dog with me?", "Which route should I walk"?, "Should I go to the park and walk?", or "Should I just go around the block?", "I don't want to see anyone when I look like this, what if I run into someone?"... and on and on and on, these questions would become excuses for just taking a nap when I got home and saying forget it to walking, not good!

Kate Hudson has a line of great athletic workout clothes called Fabletics


I remembered that I had these VHS tapes from way back when called "Walk Away The Pounds!" with Leslie Sansone.

I used these tapes a long time ago and they were great, however, even though I still have the tapes, I no longer have a VHS player!

My husband bought me a little tablet for Valentine's Day and I looked up Leslie's videos. I decided the very next day that I was going to try one and, guess what?

I actually did it! I walked my first mile in my home in front of my tablet with Leslie and her friends and felt so great about it.

Not only did I do it that day, but it's been almost a month, and I haven't missed more than one day of walking since!

This is one of my favorite walks.... 1 mile in a little over fifteen minutes!

Leslie Sansone's 2 Mile In-Home Power Walk

Leslie Sansone's 3 Mile Walk at Home Workout

If you only have 5 minutes, you can sneak this workout in!

No Punishing Workouts Required!

What I love about walking and toning exercises by Lucy Wyndham-Read is that she gives tips and motivational coaching during the videos.

One of the things I have learned about fitness from her is that you don't need to do a punishing workout to get toned and in shape.

Punishing workouts may work for a little while, but most likely you won't stick with a work out routine if it's too difficult, that's why toning and walking everyday for about 20 minutes works so well!

I Love Being Part of Lucy's Squad!

Boost Your Metabolism

Becoming fit and healthier is more about a lifestyle change and incorporating daily exercise into your life and sticking with something that is fun and actually works to help you stay in shape.

Another thing I learned is that when you do these low impact exercises, they rev up your metabolism and help your muscles burn calories throughout the day even while your not in the middle of the exercise routines themselves, even while you're eating.

This one fact alone keeps me motivated to continue walking at home to my daily things to do!

Full Walking Workout You Can Do Indoors!

Here's another fun walking workout with Leslie Sansone and friends...


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