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Walking- the natural way to healthy skin

Updated on April 11, 2011

Walking- the natural way to healthy skin

Skin is the largest organ of our body. Hence skin is more benefited by walking, the best aerobic exercise. Here are the list beneficial effects of walking which improves beauty of skin.

  • Brisk walk for thirty minutes improves blood circulation throughout body. The same holds good for skin also. Skin becomes firm, healthy and devoid of varicose veins with brisk walking and improved circulation. This helps in stretch marks, scars, acne pimple etc which have aroused due to pregnancy, overweight, hormonal changes etc.
  • Walking infuses confidence and the skin radiates aura.As soon as you start walking the aging process slows down.
  • Walking is the best anti aging activity. It imparts young, healthy radiant look to skin.
  • The increased blood circulation to skin during walking helps in supplying nutrients to skin cells and remove harmful toxins from it.
  • Brisk walk helps to balance hormones and reduce eruption of acne and pimple. Sweating helps to remove clogs in skin pores and cleanses them.
  • When hormones get balanced due to brisk walking it has positive impact on hair growth. Hair loss gets reduced and hair growth increases.
  • Skin gets a healthy complexion when you start walking.
  • Many women have observed that walking keeps wrinkles, crow feet and laughing lines at bay.

Why can’t we get out of coach to haul our shoes? Let our skin enjoy benefits of walking


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