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Walking Your Way To Fat Loss

Updated on April 19, 2012


Walking is one of the easiest and most common forms of exercise. People walk everyday but some make an effort to walk as little as possible. It is often overlooked as a way to lose weight. I bike, run, lift weights etc. but I do not usually walk to get exercise. When I go for a walk it is usually for other reasons. Sometimes I walk to reduce stress. One of the main benefits of walking is that it is gentle on your body compared to most exercises and it does not require any special equipment.

The main disadvantages are that it does not burn a lot of calories and it takes a long time to get anywhere. If you are going someplace or trying to burn a lot of calories you could be walking for a very long time. You need to set aside a lot of time for it and you need a good place to walk. However time seems to fly when you are having fun. If you find the right place to walk you will burn calories and reduce your stress while having a good time.

If you want to shorten the amount of time it takes to get good results you can increase the intensity. Walking up hill or on difficult terrain uses more energy. You can also try walking a little faster than you would normally walk. Walking is not the quickest way to lose weight. If you are in a hurry to lose fat you should also consume fewer calories and do some more intense exercises like biking.

For me walking works better as part of my exercise routine rather than having it as my main form of exercise. I see it as a good way to relax. The reason walking works is because people like doing it so they stick with it. If you do not enjoy it there are much more efficient ways to get rid of fat.


Good Places To Walk

Walking in the woods with or without a trail is a great way to get some exercise. There are lots of parks with good walking trails. Even if you take the same path over and over again there is usually some variety. The trees change and sometimes there are wild animals. For more of a challenge and a better view find some hills.

When the woods are full of bugs I avoid them and spend more time walking along the beach. Beaches provide sand and water to walk in. It makes it a little more difficult to walk but it burns more calories. Walking up and down a large beach can give you a nice workout. There is not a lot of variety but it can be very relaxing and you can cool off in the water if you get hot. I like listening to the waves as I walk. Getting away from the beach and walking along the shoreline can also make for a nice relaxing walk if you are wearing shoes.

There is also the option of walking on the side of a road or on a sidewalk. I see a lot of people walking down my road and a few of them are doing it for the exercise. When choosing to walk near your house you might want to look for something interesting. I found a pond that has painted turtles and swans most of the year. Walking to the pond and back home provides me with lots of exercise because it is far away and there are hills.


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