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Want To Get In Shape? - Avoid These Fitness Fads and Mistakes

Updated on April 9, 2017

When you decide its time to get in shape, get back in shape or just want to take your current fitness level up another notch there are some great healthy eating plans and workout options to choose from out there. This is not about those options, instead this is a down and dirty list of 5 fitness fads and things to avoid to make sure you are on a real path to better fitness.

Before we start talking about these fitness fails always remember there is no shortcut to fitness, you have to make the effort to get results and healthy eating, not starving, is an important part of a real fitness plan!

Multiple Workouts and/or Heavy Weights

Your body needs to have time to recover from a work out and doing multiple workouts each day does not allow that to happen. You will risk injury and workout burnout along with lower results since your body can't repair itself.

When I talk about multiple workouts this is referring to 2 or more intense scheduled workouts in a day. Instead you should use the "keep moving all day plan" and take a walk, use the stairs, relax and energize with yoga then use a scheduled workout routine and see your results really soar.

Another common mistake that will happen with the multiple workout is taking the rest of the day off mentality. People will think that since they did a spin class in the morning and are heading back to the gym for weight training they can be lazy the rest of the time. Don't fall into this trap!

The idea of lifting heavy weights is when it is done to the extreme, for an average person just trying to back into or improve their daily fitness heavy weight training is not necessary. Of course, if your goals are different or you are an athlete this may not apply but for the rest of us don't worry about the big weights.

The Latest Workout Like Aqua Spinning

I am not picking on aqua spinning specifically it is a good workout and if you enjoy it that's great. But what this mistake is, is about choosing a workout go-to that requires you to go to a gym to get in the workout.

Aqua spinning is not a workout that people will typically be able to do at home. The more effort it takes to get in a workout the less likely a person is to stick with that exercise. Treadmills, swimming, and cycling/spinning are all exercises that most people can accomplish without as much effort. Treadmills can be replaced with walking or running when you can't get to a gym or are pretty affordable to have at home. The same is true with biking, while it may not have the same intensity as a spin class a bike ride outside is a great alternative and the same is true with swimming.

The idea here is that the latest fad exercise, even if it is a good workout like aqua spinning, may not be your best option for long term fitness goals.

YouTube Experts & Trainers

We all love YouTube and it is easy to turn to the video giant to find workouts, routines, motivation and exercises but do not fall into a huge fitness fail and expect to find the best fitness plan for you for free online.

Anyone can post a video on YouTube and while that is part of what makes it so great and entertaining, when it comes to fitness it can be a dangerous place for people without a lot of exercise knowledge. While there are, in fact, some very good trainers offering sound fitness advice there are many more pushing products, gimmicks and just plan crazy fitness advice.

None of these YouTube workouts will be designed for your specific goals and will not know your physical limitations or strengths. Use YouTube fitness ideas with caution and before implementing anything be sure to check out the qualifications and credentials of who is giving the advice and also check with your doctor as well.

Too Much Tech

Fitness technology can be a great way to stay on track with your fitness goals and a source of motivation, however, this can also become excessive and that is the pitfall to avoid. We all love our tech but your workouts do not have be monitored, recorded, tracked and shared. Getting in shape and being healthy is something you do to improve your own quality of life and does not need to be a competition or source of stress.

Use some tech if it helps you to stay on your goal or motivates you but do not get tied to the tech to determine everything about your workout.

Cheat Days

The simple idea here is do not restrict yourself so severely in your food intake that you feel deprived enough that you can justify a "cheat day" with your food. Extreme calorie reduction or eliminating of a food group entirely will usually end in failure either by quitting all together or regaining weight as soon as you stop the diet.

Instead begin to make exchanges of healthier foods in your diet and make the switch to a healthier eating style as part of your every day life then you will not feel deprived and crave a cheat day. If you are eating healthier your body will begin to no longer crave those processed and high sugar foods and you won't have to employ will power to stay on track.

Last, please don't be one of these people in the above video! If you are new to the gym ask a staff member how to safely and correctly use a piece of equipment, they will be happy to help you learn so you can stay safe and not become a star of a video like this one.

Being healthy and fit is a great way to live a longer and happier life and we should all be striving to be active, fit and eating a healthy diet at every age. Just avoid the fitness fads and you will be able to find a plan that you enjoy and becomes a part of your everyday life without even thinking about it too much and you will be glad you did.


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