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Want To Quit Smoking,Read This To Know How

Updated on March 25, 2010

so you or some one you know smoke

So, you are a smoker who wants to quit smoking. Perhaps you want to quit smoking because you have heard the bad news related to smoking related health hazards.You are vaguely aware of lung cancer, strokes, mouth cancer, and cardiac problems it can lead to. But still you smoke,why ,perhaps because of following reasons

  • you think smoking is cool: well then i think you will find the fact even more cool that with EVERY cigarette you inhale arsenic, nicotine and 60 other carcinogenic chemicals
  • you haven't read the worst news that every year millions die because of smoking(don't believe me go google the term annual death toll due to smoking and figures would come flooding to you)
  • perhaps you haven't heard the good news that help is available

why to quit smoking

quitting delivers great health benefits according to American Cancer Society, and U.S.-based centers for disease control and prevention, within half-hour of quitting, BP, pulse and carbon monoxide levels come to normal. Within 48 hrs, the ability to smell and taste is enhanced. Within a fortnight to three months, lung infection improves up to 30%, blood cancer risks are halved, blood circulation enhances and walking becomes easier. Between one to nine months breathing,sinus congestion and fatigue begins to decrease. and finally one year after quitting risk of coronary heart disease is reduced and within 8 to 9 years you will be as healthy as a non smoker

How To Quit Smoking

Ah, even after so many luring health benefits its still hard to quit smoking,says a smoker. Well its perhaps because nicotine is the most addictive substance in existence. It releases dopamine, a rewarding neurochemical that maintains the habit so quitting is not easy.

Well quiting smoking uses two tools basically

  1. pharmacotherapy: a) Nicotine Replacement Therapy where gradually decreasing doses of nicotine are used to help withdrawal through nicotine gums, patches, and inhalers.

b) medication-- Bupropion tablets which combats withdrawal symptoms

Many half hearted quitters or lazy one take low nicotine method. But remember as WHO says cigarettes are deadly in any disguise whether -mild,light,low tar, full flavor chocolate, vanilla or whatever.

2. counseling and meditation : Yoga and meditation also help quitting. Meditation hels to combat with stress and develop will power.

Stress and anxiety can be counteracted by activities you enjoy. Cigarettes have a neurotransmitting effect linked to pleasure, so exercise is the best remedy because it releases endorphins, the body's own pain killers which have an exhilarating effect.exercise also counteracts on weight gain after smoking is quit.

Now some quick advice for those intelligent people who have made choice to quit smoking

  1. Set a date to quit
  2. remove all the temptations from home and work place like ashtrays, cigarette packs, matchbox/lighters
  3. Request family and friends not to smoke in front of you
  4. when the urge strikes, quickly substitute with a pleasent activity or take a deep breath count upto 10
  5. Most quitters gain weight after quitting to smoke so don't get discouraged by it
  6. Look for successful quitters- their example is inspiring


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      jeff 7 years ago

      well low nicotine gum i guess i'll try them