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Want to change your life? Practise gratitude.

Updated on August 20, 2015

Practicing gratitude might not be as easy as it sounds. But then again, nothing is impossible. There's nothing in the world that cannot be achieved. All it takes is determination and diligence. There's nothing that can keep you from reaching your destination if you are ready to fight for it. One must keep in mind that doing so is not a piece of cake. So instead of fantasizing about things, try being practical and expect all kinds of difficulties. But don't forget that there's a difference between being realistic and being a pessimist as many people find it confusing and find these two terms, relatable. Life's full of unexpected circumstances. No one knows what might happen the very next moment. For instance, a couple of minutes ago, you didn't know that you'd be reading this because you might have come here via some other links or you might be looking for something else when this post popped up. Maybe, you didn't search for this post but here you are, reading and realizing that you can never predict about what future might bring.

Being grateful becomes quite a task at times because one finds himself in the midst of a whirlpool that keeps getting worse and nothing seems to make sense because despite of all the efforts, one keeps falling and there's nothing to count on. But here's a secret. When you feel like everything is going wrong and nothing is in your favor, that's the point of your breakthrough. Sometimes, things don't turn out the way you expect them to. But remember that everything happens for a reason. There's not a single event that goes away without giving you something. If you ever look around, you'll realize that there is so much to be thankful for than there is to be stressed about. Ups and downs are a part of life. Very important, in fact. Because hardships are those precious times that make us realize the worth of everything we have. Hardships are often viewed as something abhorring and chaotic and are often looked down on. While going through rough circumstances, it gets very difficult to stay strong and all we think of is the loss. Has any of us ever thought that we won't be the same if certain events didn't take place? That you are stronger than you were last year or about 6 months ago. And that happened only due to that certain situation you went through. If you start thinking about such stuff, you'll come to know that you were so wrong about everything. You know, your heart works like a lens. Whatever you see in the world is molded according to what you carry in your heart. It really affects your perspective and your ideas. Like, there are people who are grateful for having food on the plate. While, there are people who are complaining for not having the finest crockery. So, you'll always have something to complain about if all you want to do is complain. But the same theory applies to gratitude. So, the choice is all yours. If you still find it hard to be thankful for all you have, these steps might help you:

1. Give yourself a break: You are not responsible for all the bad stuff and you don't even have to be a victim to it. So, sit back for a while and relax. Take a break and enjoy the beautiful ride called life.

2. Observe: Observe everything around you and focus on the good things. Notice all the beautiful events, things and of course the people in your life. Always be thankful for what you have because someone else might be dying to have what you take for granted.

3. Don't depend: Be happy without a reason because that reason might fade away after some time. Don't depend on anything for your happiness. Instead, be a source of happiness and share it with others

4. Appreciate little things: It's not always about bigger things but it's the little things of life that counts. If you just think for a while, you'll realize how blessed you are and how much is there to be grateful for. For that matter, the very air we breathe in is enough.

5. Help others: Whenever you feel down, go be a blessing to someone else. You'll feel a strange sort of happiness along with a sense of achievement. It'll boost you up and will delight you beyond imagination. You can't imagine it until you experience it. So, reach out and be a light to others. Much of the hope you radiate will reflect back to you as well.

6. Focus on the bright side: Everything depends on the way you look at things. As it has already been described that if you look for trouble, you'll face more and more of it. In contrary to that, if you're determined to find possibilities, you will succeed in doing so even during the darkest moments.

7. One day at a time: One of the main things to live by. Don't get upset over your past because it won't come back and don't be anxious about future because it's not promised. Live in the moment and enjoy it to the fullest.

8. Life goes on: It does. It really does. And with the passage of time, things change. Autumn doesn't stay forever. No matter how dark the night seems, there's always light at the end of it. So, if you look at night as a declaration that something beautiful is approaching instead of something depressing, you'll experience a huge change and a wave of bliss. Then again, it is up to you whether you embrace the change or you just let it pass you by.

© 2015 Ishamital


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