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Want to Know How People Get Underweight? Exams Are One of the Reasons.

Updated on August 4, 2017

People are malleable, just like a pure metal. From a median, healthy weight, people can either become thin or fat within a long or short period. From there, their weight can either plummet from 60kg to 30kg, or skyrocket from 30kg to 60kg. Within this continuum there are many reasons for these stark changes. Be it depression, an idiosyncrasy, or perhaps an innate habit, the stress of dealing with examinations and school itself is one of the major reasons for people (children and adolescents) getting underweight.


Reason #1: School

This is the most indubitable cause, and hardly anyone can gainsay it. What do you visualize whenever you see the word ''school''? Do you visualize the immense preparations students are busying at for the finals; students hurrying for their co-curricular activities, without having enough time to repose in the library; embittered under-achievers having their mind cluttered, and then depression sets in; or even teachers who have the gall to criticize students? They are generally true.

The most life-defining moment for students is, in one, minatory word, exams. Analyze the word ''exams''. Most of our parents, teachers or ourselves would have said, ''If you aren't doing well in the exams, forget about celebrating Xmas (pun intended).'' Worse than that, you would not get what you wanted for; no sweets, no XBox, no iPhone 4s, and no meal.

Even if there aren't teachers, tutors or parents coercing the students to study hard, some students themselves make their own expectations, which are usually high, and if they fail in some way inadvertently or not, they will be very chagrined and have no appetite to eat.That is tantamount to losing a relative or parent. Look at the competition students have to deal now. Moreover, for job prospects, they wish to be matriculated in famous colleges, and not those neighborhood schools. In the shoes of these struggling students, how can they find the time and urge to eat?


Reason #2: Inflation, bad economy, or financial difficulties

This is a wide topic to discuss about, but only for sociologists and anthropologists (I have to be brief here).

Money is yet another ticket to food and nutrition. Without money, forget about eating. We, as inconsequential citizens, without the power and leverage the government have, cannot control the fickle economy of the country and the financial state of our families. To save costs, many food vendors are now selling and packaging their food in diminutive plates and bowls suitable for toddlers and babies, not children, adolescents and adults. You can order a chicken rice or a burger from an outlet in the city, and what you will get, unsurprisingly, is so tiny that you will feel like you are being in the world of Alice in Wonderland, where you are the giant. You won't get full even if you eat a bowl of rice with a variety of assortments, bought from a posh (or not) stall in the city.

I love my job the most, not food.
I love my job the most, not food. | Source

Reason #3: Why eat?

That is a philosophical question.

Why eat?

The philosophy of eating is a nebulous one. Humans are getting tired of eating, and humans have no sense of fulfillment. Instead, we are more occupied with working and earning money, climbing the social ladder and paving the way to the highest echelon where money falls like rain. In developed countries, humans are almost like robots, and they don't know how to eat naturally.

Even if nutritionists, doctors and counselors might advise us to watch our diet, we simply couldn't change our mind. We are so worried about wealth and fame, information and intelligence, that we don't care about the food pyramid. We ditch those nutritional booklets and pamphlets away in the dustbin.


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