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Want to lose weight? Gain ten pounds!

Updated on March 14, 2016

Wait, what?

It sounds counter intuitive, but the best way I have found to lose weight in the long run is to put on a few pounds.

If it sounds too good to be true, just wait- I haven't told you how you have to put on the weight yet.

Start with the facts.

Ok, before we get into any theories, let's start with proven facts.

Fact 1: Studies have shown that 1 pound of human muscle will burn an average of 42.5 calories per day. Without exercise.

Fact 2: According to many sources, including The Hacker's Diet, a pound of human fat is approximately 3500 calories.

Fact 3: The average American gains 4/5ths of a pound (2800 calories) from Thanksgiving to New Years. Total average gain is 1.4 pounds or 4900 calories per year.

Fact 4: The average American admits to being 17 pounds over their 'ideal' weight.

Puitting it all together.

Let's go back to fact 1 for a moment.

If a pound of human muscle burns 42.5 calories per day, every day that's 15,512 calories or 4.4 pounds per year, and that doesn't even factor the calories burned exercising!

Personally, this shocked me.

When you consider that the average weight gain for an American in 1 year was 1.4 pounds, simply putting on one additional pound of muscle and maintaining it for a year would tip the average from gaining to losing weight, in fact most of us would lose 30 pounds over the next decade if we just added and maintained that single pound of muscle.

While taking a flight of stairs may do the trick over 10 years, most of us want to look good in 6 months, and 4 pounds a year won't do it!

In order to burn 17 pounds in 6 months, we would have to take off just under 3 pounds per month, in order to do that we would have to gain 8 pounds of muscle!

However, people tend to eat more when they exercise, so 10 pounds would likely be a more accurate estimate.

Now, if you're like me, you don't have a lot of time to exercise, and you need to get the most for your time.

Aerobic exercises are great for you, and something that everyone really should do, but if you only have 10 or 15 minutes to exercise like me, they may not be your best option.

The best thing to do to put on and maintain muscle is some kind of resistance exercise.

It's also best to have a few different exercises and alternate your routine so you aren't doing the same thing every time.

I do 20 repetitions of one exercise per day, and alternate push-ups, sit-ups and squats, and I take one day a week off.

The total exercise is done in under 10 minutes every day, and I've lost 20 pounds in the last two months, you can too!


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