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War between apples, grape vs. banana, guava

Updated on August 27, 2015

Apple, grape vs. banana, guava

Apple, grape vs. banana, guava
Apple, grape vs. banana, guava

War between apples, grape vs. banana, guava

Most of the peoples are fruit lover. But there is much confusion about nutrition value of fruits. Sometimes we cannot understand properly that which fruits are good for our health. Still now we find many educated person who eat boiled apple to make healthy himself/herself. If we feel ill, everybody give suggestion to eat grape. From our childhood we learn a lesson very strongly, eat apple and be strong. If we are sick, eat grape and quick recover. But it’s a big question that we think banana, guava is nothing compare than apple, grape, pomegranate. We cannot find satisfaction after eat banana, guava. Its continue from generation to generation. But is it really true that guava has noting nutrition value? Banana cannot make you strong? So let me start a war between apples, grape vs. banana, guava.

Apple, grape vs. banana, guava:

100 gm fresh apple contain approx 59 caloric.

100 gm fresh grape contain 71 caloric

Now let’s see neglected fruits contain what?

100 gm custard apple contain 104 caloric

100 gm banana contain 116 caloric

Now let’s see about protein:

100 gm apple contain .2 gm protein

100 gm grape contain .5 gm protein

On the other hand

100 gm banana contain 1,2 gm protein

100 gm custard apple contain 1.6 gm protein

In order to justify the nutrition value of value it is not so important to think about protein or carbohydrate. On the demand of some vitamin, nutrition advised us to eat some fruit on every day.

Now we can see the fact of vitamin on fruits:

Luxurious fruit apple, grape, pomegranate does not contain vitamin A at all.

Apple, grape does not contain Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, and Vitamin B3.

Guava, litchi does not contain vitamin A.

100 gm Ripen banana contain 78 micro gram vitamin A.

100 gm Ripen pa paw contains 66 micro gram vitamin A.

Now have a look about vitamin C:

Every kinds of lemon have very good vitamin C, it very known to us. Whatever it’s any kind of lemon. 100 gm orange give us 30 mg vitamin C. same quantity pineapple gives us 39 mg vitamin c. but very astonishing fact is 100 gm guava gives us 212 mg vitamin c. 100 gm ripen pa paw gives us 37 mg vitamin c. interesting fact is 100 gm apple, grape gives you only 1 mg vitamin c and 100 gm pomegranate gives you 16 mg vitamin C.

In spite of everything there is some fact. We eat fruits not only for vitamin, protein or calorie. Its gives us taste and good feeling also. Taste never can be measured by vitamin or protein. So if you are fruit lover, you may taste every fruits. We try here to clear a matter that why we neglect guava, banana. Every fruits have a own taste and own nutrition value. We just love fruit depends on our taste not deepens on name.


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