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The Warm Slipper Buying Guide

Updated on February 22, 2011

I Love Warm Slippers

I always considered myself to be too tough to wear some nice warm snugly slippers in the winter. One day a friend gave me some custom made slippers made in Alaska. Ever since then, I have been hooked. I guess tough guys can love a pair of warm slippers on a cold day too.

Cold feet can be much more than just a mild inconvenience. The Chinese believed that cold feet could cause all sorts of health problems, especially respiratory illness. Today, we may scoff at such an idea, but new research is showing that the immune system can be negatively affected when you are cold. So warm slippers can even help out your immune system by helping you to stay warm.

Unlike a pair of socks, a pair of warm slippers allows enough air to flow around the feet to keep them dry. This can also help prevent fungal infections. Warm slippers can even help keep your hands warm by reducing overall loss of body heat.

My friend gave me a pair of fur slippers just like these and I loved how they kept my feet warm.
My friend gave me a pair of fur slippers just like these and I loved how they kept my feet warm.

Rugged Warm Slippers

Warm Slipper Lexicon

There are many types of warm slippers for keeping your feet warm. When selecting a slipper, there are several things to consider. Mainly, how cold is the floor area that you will be using them in and how often will you be using them. The best warm slippers for men also make great warm slippers for women.

  • Mukluks - These are like slippers, but go much higher on the ankles, think of them as a slipper boot. They often have a leather sole and were used for hunting and moving quietly. They are more of an outdoors boot, but loose fitting mukluks can be great for keeping your feet warm if your home tends to be really cold and you have uninsulated floors.
  • Booties - These are low ankle slippers and are designed more to insulate the foot from the surface of the floor than for thermal insulation. Booties can also be short socks.
  • Fur Slippers - These are the ultimate in warm slippers for keeping your feet warm. When you put on a fur slipper or a fur lined slipper, it seems to instantly warm up. This is because fur begins to immediately reflect your body heat, unlike other materials that absorb some of your natural heat before they begin insulating. This make fur slippers a natural if you live in a cold climate. Fur is also the most comfortable, while allowing air to circulate. If you have problems with synthetic fibers and tend to only use cotton clothing, then you may definitely want to consider fur slippers for your feet.
  • Sheepskin Slippers - Technically this is fur too, but sheepskin isn't nearly as comfortable as other furs. If you will only be needing warm slippers for an hour or less per day, then sheepskin slippers can be perfectly acceptable.
  • Wool Slippers - While wool is a great insulator and will keep your feet dry, most people have problems wearing them. Wool tends to make tiny scratches in the skin as you move and will tend to irritate it. This is especially true on footwear. If you have thick skin though, these might work great for you.
  • Cotton Slippers - These are generally meant for light use when walking on cold floors in the winter. They will wear out quickly with heavy use. I keep an old pair by the front door for carrying out the trash when I don't want to put my shoes on, but don't want to wear a good pair of slippers out in the rain and mud.

Warning: Once you start wearing warm slippers, you may fall in love with them!


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