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Warrior mentality

Updated on June 2, 2016
In the face of adversity
In the face of adversity | Source

Warriors of old

Society has always and will always admire the warriors of old and of new. Fearless men and women who show no fear. Always ready to fight for what they believe in. Whether it be for fame,glory,country or gold these brave souls always face a great obstacle between their goals.

Learn from them

But what can we learn from this?

Adopting the warrior mentality in modern times would help the modern man face their problems.Since too much of the people living today are afraid of facing and resolving conflict compared to our ancestors who had to fight almost daily to protect their lives from threats of invasion,war and wild animals.

This guy wont last a day in ancient rome
This guy wont last a day in ancient rome | Source

Mental and Physical strength

Instead one must learn to face adversity to stand out from the crowd, improving one's mind and body.

Physical strength and mental fortitude.

Developing the mind and body
Developing the mind and body | Source

There are is always a correlation between mind and body. A weak body will lead to several mental problems such as depression and laziness.

The last good Emperor of Rome

One example of a warrior who both exhibited mental strength despite his illness was the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. Due to his illness he was given a different perspective in life which gave him strength to conquer all of Germania(This is what they called the place where the Germanic people lived in Ancient Rome).

Well said, Well Said
Well said, Well Said | Source

No need to be violent

One need not participate in violence when adopting the mentality of a warrior. One only needs to see the opportunity laid out by the challenges ahead us.

This guy is also a great warrior
This guy is also a great warrior | Source
This man has the mentality of a warrior
This man has the mentality of a warrior | Source

Look at that face!! That is someone boiling with warrior blood.

Haha, but seriously Donald Trump takes this mentality quite well, with all the opposition he has. Trump has yet to fail and he is most likely to get the presidency.

Now we can see from the example above that you need not be a member of a certain race,class,culture or people to adopt this unyielding,forward thinking warrior mentality.

Warriors come from all walks in life. Different places,different places. Some bad,some good but the most important trait all warriors have is they live to FIGHT!!

They all have a task, a mission , a vision and an enemy they must conquer.

Now it is time to instill upon you this mentality.

Follow this guidelines and you will have a stronger mind, body and spirit.

1) Physical Training

A healthy mind is usually a product of a healthy body.

The pain you experience and conquer during physical activity can be conquered by one's willpower. The more you train the body the stronger the mind gets.

2) Practice Discipline

Set standards for yourself, get a schedule of your daily tasks and do them!!

Reward yourself for performing the tasks well and punish yourself if you did badly.

No one can help you shape up but yourself.


3) Challenge your own beliefs

No one truly knows everything about this world.

Concepts change, ideas change and people change.

Never give in to dogmatic thinking.

What you think is impossible might not be at all.

Dare to challenge your own beliefs.


4) Know your limits

Yes, this may seem contradicting to the previous steps but know that everyone has their limits.

I have personally known people who have set themselves back because they sought to break their limits. People who lift too heavy in the gym and have injured themselves setting their progress back for months.

It is better to bend than it is to break.

Thank you Lao Tzu
Thank you Lao Tzu | Source

5) Consistency/Rinse and Repeat

Do this consistently and you will reap benefits.

Muscle does not grow on one single workout but it develops over time by consistent progressive workouts.



You cannot achieve the unyielding warrior mentality simply by thinking or willing it to happen.

You have to go out there and forge yourself into the person you want to be.

It is what we do that defines us.


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