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Was Kurt Cobain Bipolar?

Updated on December 15, 2011

Much mystery has surrounded the death of Kurt Cobain. Most people accept that he simply took his own life whilst others prefer to indulge in conspiracy theories, some of which are pretty far fetched. There seems to be little doubt of his lack of satisfaction in his life but was Kurt Cobain bipolar and is that why he committed suicide? In fact, around 2% of people with bipolar succeed in taking their own lives.

Whilst there may have been many factors which caused him to end his life including a heroin problem and increasing invasion of his personal life; for me, there is little doubt that in most circumstances he would have overcome these as most people that go through crisis’s in their life do.

Kurt Cobain Depressed

However, if Kurt Cobain was bipolar and depressed, it is highly likely that he could see no other way out of his situation which may seem strange to many people given his obvious talent, a successful career and a child who adored, but for someone suffering from bipolar, the lows can be incredibly severe and an overwhelming sense of having no hope can easily prevail.

There is little doubt that Kurt did suffer from mental health problems and indeed, as a child, had been prescribed Ritalin as a child to curb his hyperactivity. In fact, this drug was widely prescribed across theUSfor some time. Kurt has suggested that this dependency on Ritalin may have fuelled his later intake of other substances.

Various interviewers have commented both on Kurt’s politeness and helpfulness one day and then complete awkwardness and anger the next. This is along similar lines to the symptoms of bipolar disorder. He also claimed that he would not leave his apartment for weeks and preferred to avoid meeting others which may have been an indicator of his depression.

Much of course has been made of some of his lyrics although I personally believe that some of these connections have been overstated. After all, misery does have a tendency top create the best art although happy songs probably sell better!

Another convincing factor in whether Kurt Cobain was bipolar can be found by looking at his family history. There had been a long history of mental illness in the men of Cobain’s ancestry with at least two of his relatives committing suicide with a shotgun, something which seems not to have been heavily reported at the time.

So whilst there is almost inevitably a tendency to create a great mystery surrounding his death and the artistic reasons for it; the likelihood is that Kurt Cobain was Bipolar and was in a suicide high risk group whatever path he had chosen in life.


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