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Was ‘Aging’ Programmed into our DNA?

Updated on March 7, 2022
Nadine May profile image

Nadine’s research for her futuristic novel series about discovering the truth or lies, has led her to insights she shares in her articles.


Does Our DNA Ever Age?

Are we programmed to live a certain number of years or do we wear out over time? How much can we extend our lifespan?

Some scientists admit that Human ageing cannot be fully understood in terms of the constrained genetic setting. While our bodies age, some scientists believe that our DNA at least remains constant.

Researchers also discovered that a third of the methylated groups in a newborn baby is in different positions compared to the elderly. If we think about the DNA strand as "hardware" and the added methyl groups as "software"— then we must place the methyl groups as software bugs that accumulate with age.

If how old we live is in our genes, then to increase our lifespan could scientists someday change those genes? If on the other hand, our final age is based on the accumulated damage of a lifetime, then could we not try to minimize that damage to living a longer life?

Aging is a Disease.

Ageing on Earth is really a disease brought on by the water on Earth that contains a toxic substance called Deuterium, also known as heavy hydrogen.

Our planet Earth became contaminated when planet Maldec exploded many years ago. That was the time millions of years ago when a vast cloud of Deuterium gas caused the frequency barrier around Earth. Electrical storms that occurred combined the Earth's oxygen with deuterium cosmic cloud, causing it to rain heavy water. Several articles have been written on this topic by Daniel Williams

Deuterium oxide is present in the Earth's surface waters. Due to the fact that our physical bodies are 72% water. The theoretical maximum lifespan that an organism can achieve is tied to its DNA. Is it not a curious thing that the bible mentions Methuselah who lived as long as 900 years?

A series of experiments done on living organisms and tissues proved that the use of deuterium depleted water (Qlarivia water) could have positive effects. Thus, experts found that deuterium depleted water had an impact on cell division: the lower the deuterium concentration in water, the lower the rate of cell division, which meant that the ageing process could be slowed down.


The Enzyme Named Telomerase

Scientists have also discovered an important enzyme that can turn the telomere production on the DNA molecule "on" and "off." It's called Telomerase. Telomerase is an enzyme (a catalytic protein) It seems that as we get older, the amount of telomerase in our cells decreases. Apparently shorter telomeres are capable of significantly fewer doublings than those with longer telomeres. Thus telomere length may be a bio-marker of cell ageing and when telomeres get too short, cell replication slows and then ends. The organism dies.

My unscientific question is: Is there a genetic program that decides to shut off the telomerase as we age? I learned that It has to do with the 3D matrix hologram, but that needs an article all on its own.


The Greatest Lie Ever Told To Man

This article was inspired by a comment below my article: We seem to live in Times of the Quickening from “Au fait”, a hub page member, and also by the comments below my article: Can biological ageing be halted?

I was in my forties when a spiritual experience directed me to explore this topic for what later became a series of novels: Awakening to our Ascension. I was told that the human race can easily live for hundreds of years without getting ill or ageing. I had no idea why I interpreted it this way, but years later I used the idea in my ascension novels.


We see the World as 'Solid', but is it a Holographic Illusion?

The evidence for a holographic reality is becoming quite plentiful to those who have experienced higher states of consciousness but...
Most of us still decode our waveform physical reality as a solid world through our five senses.

Our human mind is also programmed to think in linear time; meaning that we have a past – beginning – the present moment – the NOW – and the future – not yet happening. That is why we all still hold on to our experiences that people, animals and plants and all the other kingdoms on Earth experience ageing and die, not so?

It is a strong belief embedded into our genetic DNA blueprint and in the human psyche that with age we become more susceptible to certain diseases but that is just biological, mental and emotional programming! It’s my aim to find some proof for why I think it is.


Maintenance products

For now that is the best we can do to keep our human body in the best shape as long as possible.

Which of the three human realities are you the most aware off?

See results

The Big Question Must be Asked First.

Are we ready to evolve our physical, intellectual & emotional and spiritual development in order to understand and decipher the very advanced sciences that the ancients left for us to find?

Are we?

Our physical world – the lowest vibratory reality that appears solid - not so?

Our intellectual & emotional world - mirrors the energy and vibration of our awareness of consciousness. Meaning what we think and feel creates our human experiences - not so?

Our spiritual reality - the multidimensional existence of consciousness that is beyond our wisdom of thought. - for now yes, not so?

Humans are energetic/vibrational beings in an energetic/vibrational universe. We are both a transmitter and a receiver of energy, but our wave transmitter has been tampered with.
We are out of tune!

Our True Age

Let’s First Explore further

  • Ageing - our physical development

The term "ageing" refers to the biological process of growing older. (our linear mind program)

  • Ageing can also be defined as a progressive functional decline or a gradual deterioration of physiological function with age. (Could it be our spiritual lack of self-worth is a virus program?)

The main reason why we age seems to be oxygen. (Could it be that our human blueprint did not originate from Earth?)

Could that be the reason why Oxygen eventually wears away our body at the cellular level through oxidization? When our cells are exposed to free radicals, also known as “oxidants” our bodies, like metal, just rust from exposure to oxygen.

Since everything in this universe is a waveform, and each wave carries information, and our five senses pick up the waves in our frequency band of experiences, then the true nature of reality is still up for debate.

Do People Perish for the Lack of this Hidden Knowledge?

Some scientists believe that humans are programmed to live a certain number of years, or that our genes determine how long we live. These are the two main theories of why we live as long as we do, so we have been told. True or false?
Please listen what Brucy Lipton says in his video!

The secret to eternal life, as it turns out, is not just living a really, really long time. It's all about maturity, or rather, the lack of it.


Were We Meant to be Physically Immortal?

  • Is death maybe not necessary? Is our intellectual & Emotional development been halted?

In 1912 medical biologist Alexis Carrel thought that cells are naturally immortal, but his predictions at the time were incorrect. He also predicted that scientists would be engineering human tissues from cell clusters and growing replacement organs in vitro. Growing old would be a thing of the past. Are we getting nearer to the answers?

Today the term stem cells (which have the remarkable potential to develop into many different cell types in the body during early life and growth), is becoming more and more used in scientific research.

We, like cells, are meant to live forever?

When Utnapishtim told Gilgamesh that the secret to immortality lay in a coral found on the ocean floor, could this have been hidden in the jellyfish?

Turritopsis dohrnii is more commonly known as the immortal jellyfish. The jellyfish seems able to survive, and proliferate, in every ocean in the world. It is possible to imagine a distant future in which most other species of life are extinct but the ocean will consist overwhelmingly of immortal jellyfish, a great gelatin consciousness everlasting?

We all know that life on Earth evolved in the presence of oxygen, but this morning I was reading something interesting about negative ions in Stewart Swerdlow’s book: The true history of the world.

The following video is mind blowing.

Derinkuyu Underground City is an ancient multi-level underground city large enough to shelter 30,000 thousands people together with their livestock and food stores.

Were the Pyramids Rejuvenation Temples?

  • We are multidimensional beings - Our spiritual development

This interview is very thought-provoking. The pyramids all over our planet could be amplifiers of FREE energy. Listen to the videos of Dr Osmanagic and learn what will change the history books!

Dr Osmanagic says in his video Derinkuyu Underground City that the builders of the pyramids around the planet made miles of tunnels underneath the pyramids. They were built by people who were not surface dwellers like we are. They did not breathe in our polluted oxygen! They lived underground. These builders had no light bulbs or electricity and there is no trace of any illumination devices so how could they see? How could they have moved around in the dark? Underground in these tunnels, you can breathe normally. Even 3,000 feet down the air circulation is still there!

We are living outside and have eyes, so did they have other senses, like bats who use sonar to navigate? Were their psychic senses far more developed 10.000 years ago? Were the cosmic radiations, or the wars and other dangers on the surface outside so dangerous that they were compelled to move underground?

These people were highly intelligent beings with a far great knowledge of engineering than we have today. The air circulation in these tunnels is much better than in our coal mining facilities today.

There is so much to learn from these ancient periods. Did these very advanced builders leave all the answers we are now looking for?

Dr. Fridtjof Nansen took soundings and found that the water in the polar regions is far deeper than was thought, discovering that the water was warmer the deeper the sounding. Where does this warm water emanate from? He came across animals that according to accepted science, should not even be up there.

Great video

Did they Know about the life Expediencies on the Outside Compared to Inside of Earth?

  • Outside the tunnels, the average concentration is about 1000 kilo ions per cubic centimetres.
  • In our environment or home today it's even less, 500-kilo ions.
  • In the underground tunnels under the Bosnian Pyramid, the concentration is much higher, around 43.000-kilo ions per cubic centimetres. This environment is ideal for hospitals or healing places. There are no viruses, bacteria or microbes!

If people today who are ill or are of a great age, would walk or even stay inside these tunnels, would they be healed, or rejuvenated? There are already tourist groups that visit the Bosnian valley of Pyramids in droves. Are they all having similar ideas?

Daniel's comment below my article: Can biological ageing be halted? "It’s today commonly known that the human body regenerates every living cell every seven years, but geneticists have yet to find the ageing gene." That made me question: "Have the ancients left us clues for when we are ready to look for them?"

The tunnels Dr Osmanagic talks about made me think about the Hollow Earth theory.
Daniel wrote several articles on the subject. Is the Hollow Earth Theory the Greatest Kept Secret of All Time?

Our Role Models

We all know of people who seem to age gracefully, or they manage to look ageless. What is their secret? They have embraced the aging process by not getting obsessed about. Instead they stay young in spirit. These people love life and emanate an inner beauty, which is ageless.


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