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Water The Breath Of Life

Updated on February 14, 2009

Water and Why We Need It

There is one thing that our bodies can’t do without for very long and that is water.  The two gases of hydrogen and oxygen when mixed together provide the most important liquid that everyone needs.

Our bodies are made up of 70% water,

The brain is composed of 75% water

blood is composed of 92% water if it is less than that then it is too viscous and can lead to all manner of diseases like hypertension or as it is more commonly called high blood pressure,

bones are composed of 22% water

muscles are composed of 75% water.

Looking at these figures it is easy too see how important water is in maintaining good health.

Functions that water carries out within the human body


Regulating  body temperature

Transport of nutrients and oxygen around body

moistens oxygen for easier inspiration

protects and cushions vital organs and joints

helps to convert food into energy

helps to absorb nutrients

removes waste

Is vital for the wokings of the brain.

All cell functions take place in water.

Tap water isn't as safe as you think
Tap water isn't as safe as you think

Safe Water

Every cell in our bodies needs water to perform optimally failure to follow this simple advice will eventually lead to disease.   We can easily save ourselves much discomfort and illness by drinking more water.

But is all water safe to drink?

More and more of us our finding out that far from being safe our water that is delivered by our public water supply companies is far from safe for us to drink and bathe in.

Problems with Tap Water

What are some of the problems with tap water?

Water borne pathagens

Traces of irresponsibly disgarded drugs

Hard posionus metals such as aluminium and lead


Flouride that has been produced from the dangerous by products of weed killer or aluminium.

THMs. These are highly toxic and put us at twice the risk of getting cancer. THMs happen when chlorine and bacteria interact. This is a poisonous, carcinogenic by product.

Truth About Bottled Water

The cost to health and the environment with unsafe bottled water.
The cost to health and the environment with unsafe bottled water.

Truth About Bottled Water

How about bottled water?

Some bottled water is even worse than tap water, At least with tap water there are standards in place although they are proving to be far too inadequate. Bottled water although it has some standards of safety these are not monitored to ensure their compliance and so some of the water that you buy is nothing more that tap water.

Far too much plastic and transportation costs and environmental damage is caused in producing bottled water which seems to be losing its appeal.

Options for Purifing Water At Home

So what is the safe option for you and your family?

The only real way to ensure that you have safe water in your home is to become proactive in filtering it yourself.  There are many types of water home filtration systems that are available and when people buy them the type they buy reflects the needs of their family.

Types of water filtration systems

Multi filtered including carbon filtered ones these come as

point of use which comprises a free standing unit with its own faucet.  Usually with this type of system additional shower head filters are required to ensure safe bathing water.

Point of entry these types of units filter all the house from the main pipe that is plumbed into the house.  These units normally require a plumber to fix them in but the beauty of them is that they work for every tap that is in the house.

Reverse osmosis units is a system that cleans the water very well but it also strips the natural minerals out as well.  This can lead to serious healthy problems later on is life due to mineral deficiency.

Ultra violet light is another system that is popular with commercial water filtration systems.  This is where the filtered water is passed over ultra violet light to kill any water born bacteria.

Drinking filtered water really makes a difference to how your food and drinks taste.  It is much more pleasant to drink on its own as well as it doesn’t have a hard taste with it.

More and more people seem to be taking the job of filtering water into their own hands as the only safe a viable alternative to ensure that they are protecting themselves and their families against some other high risk disease.

What Tap Water Contains


Safe filtered water that you filter yourself at home is the only way to ensure that you are protected.  I have a friend who introduced me to the system I now use.  Lesley from safe-clean-filtered-water .com has really helped me to have peace of mind. 


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