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Water Trampoline Buying Guide

Updated on September 28, 2010
Water Trampoline
Water Trampoline

Water trampoline is one the numerous things that you would surely need if you want to have some fun on the beach, lake, or lagoon. Engaging in outdoor water sports activities using the water trampoline is guaranteed to add more excitement to your activities since a bunch of water games can be created using the said equipment.

Therefore, if you are seriously considering buying a water trampoline then follow some practical advice that we are giving in order to get the best deal possible. When browsing through several various products make sure to check the materials used on the water trampoline; its springs must be sturdy and made of good quality steel spring.

The coil spring's level of quality does have a big effect on the bouncing quality of the water trampoline. On top of that, the springs must be sturdy and thick enough since the jumping and bouncing movements require good support. The strength of the spring is also a crucial factor when it comes to safety.

The dimensions of the water trampoline should also be kept in mind by the buyer. A good and stable bounce and can only be achieved by having a large size water trampoline.

Normally, small sized trampolines are unstable in the water; if you want to have a more firm and steady bounce then get the bigger ones. Commonly, the most suitable size or diameter should be around 20 feet; thus, choose the product that measures no less than 20 feet to be sure.
It is not enough to be contenetd with the water trampoline, keep in mind that there are several important accessories needed such as a highly-pressurized blower to inflate the trampoline, docking chain to keep it well anchored and stable, and some life jacket for young kids. Without these minor but important accessories, the product  would be useless for your outdoor water events.
Hence, when you buy a water trampoline, always remember the aforementioned tips; and do not forget the necessary accessories that you must also buy along with it for safety purposes and to keep the trampoline stable while floating in the water.


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    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 7 years ago from south Florida

      The water trampoline is awesome. Now I know what I want Santa to bring me for Christmas.