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5 Benefits of water-Essential For Health

Updated on July 8, 2014

Why is water so essential to the body?

Water comprises more than 80% of body mass and there is no body region which is devoid of water.

After air, water importance is the second most requirement for survival as it is the mediator for all principal biochemical events in the body including cell survival, birth and death.

It helps in almost all major functions of the body starting from nerve conduction to respiration, absorption to excretion etc.

Excess water in the body is spontaneously eliminated from the body by various means but during water shortage it is to be replenished by individual from outside by safe drinking water.

The instinct for replenishment is a natural thrive for everyone but, due to present life style of tension, habits and negligence, this urge is either postponed or forgotten leading to long term damage in the body mechanism and function.

So to avoid the consequences of damage sufficient water consumption is a prerequisite health tips.


Role of water and its benefits in the body

♦ Cell requires water for transport of nutrients & waste material (across membranes), for metabolism and also to maintain proper shape of the cell. Cell with water shortage shrinks or collapses.

♦ Water dilutes toxic substances lie alcohol and other irritants like pickles and reduces risk of cancer, ulcer, inflammations etc in the gut during their consumption.

♦ During medication it helps to reduce drug accumulation and minimizes associated toxic side effects.

♦ It maintains good blood volume and Cerebrospinal fluid volume, by which it provides sufficient glucose and oxygen and other nutrients to brain and other body tissues.

Brain has high requirement for oxygen and glucose. Less water content in body decreases CSF formation and there by leads to headache due to less glucose and oxygen supply. So have some frequent gulps of water and many times you will be relieved.

♦ It helps in the important activities of the body like absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion.

Absorption: the food digestion & absorption into the body from gut is facilitated by water.

Distribution: food and other excreta are distributed to proper places due to water solubility.

Metabolism: The nutrients are metabolized through water involvement in liver and other tissues.

Excretion: Excretion is by the process of filtration in kidney. This requires presence of good amount of water.

Therapeutic facts of water in health

Help combat body heat. Good water levels in the body help to combat severe heat during summers and other high temperature situations like exercise and games. Excess heat in the body is removed in the form of sweat.

Prevents piles. Piles are frequently formed due to less water content in the body. The first stage of piles is appearance of blood during stools. Having 6 liters of water per day can show immediate relief from the symptoms of piles.So water consumption is a good treatment for piles.

Minimizes pimples: Good water consumption has shown to reduce pimples in many cases as it helps in clearance of skin from accumulated fat and other wastes underneath.

Decreases congestion of lungs due to phlegm. Good water levels minimize the viscosity of phlegm making it easy to clear off from the throat and prevents from lung congestion.

Decreases constipation. Hardness of stools is due to dryness and decrease in water levels. So sufficient water reduces stool hardness and can relieve constipation. In among the functions of carbohydrates, water plays a key role. Carbohydrates in the form of fibrous material absorb water from the gut walls and increase the bulk of intestine helping in easy movement of bowels. Thus water helps clear bowels.

Water health tips-For better health

Some tips for better health with drinking water.

1) Drink water in times non-thirst also.

2. Have 3-5 litres of water per day in all the seasons.

3) Don't have more water during exercise if you have the thirst. But have just a gulp.

4) Having water just before food and between meals can decrease appetite.

5) Having plenty of water in the morning after bed can help in cleansing your body.

6) Have more water during the day than at nights.

How much of water should you drink per day

Some say it's is 5 to 6 litres per day. This is really a good suggestion but there is no fixed rule. Every individual has his own water balance controlled water regulatory center in the brain. The rate of water expulsion is controlled and there is possible effort to conserve the body water.

But drinking 5 litres per day provides sufficient water for through cleansing of the system. So have good amounts of water at frequent intervals than having a whole lot at once.

Don't hesitate to drink more to avoid frequent visit to toilet, because on the long run it will be well worth.

water quality: People preference for mineral water is growing. But even tap water is also safe option if it well purified by the local supply.

water storage containers:

This is a frequent question about water storage containers because of fear of leaching by the container walls.

When it comes to safety non-leaching option like glass and stainless steel water bottles are advisable.

But the plastic & aluminum water bottles have a reputation of leaching and undesired effects like heavy metal poisoning etc.

Ancient tradition recommends storage of water in copper containers overnight and have it in the morning when you wake up. This is considered to be very beneficial to health. Here there is leaching of copper ions into water and when consumed, acts as microbicidal adding to health benefit.

So keeping with above facts lets encourage the idea of proper water consumption in small volumes at frequent intervals in a day as an essential health benefit.

© 2010 bheem


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