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Water is good for you

Updated on February 14, 2015


In Northern California, because of the drought the last few years (2010-2014), new wells are forbidden in many counties. However the large agricultural firms seem to be able to drill wells as they please, as they have money that makes it hard to resist for the many city, county and state agencies.

Fresh spring water
Fresh spring water

Bottled water?

We humans and other life forms require safe drinking water for our survival. Water does not provide organic nutrients or calories but it is essential for life. As I write this(2014), there are approximately one billion people that still lack access to save water on the Earth. The Gross Domestic product (GDP) per capita in different countries shows a clear correlation between access to save water and GDP.

Tap and bottled water often still contain unseen contaminants. Because of this, many people are turning to filtered water. Our system needs to hydrate and to do it effectively we need to find the water that helps to balance the PH in the body, counteract the effect of any acids in the environment, and fight against oxidative damages to our systems.

Over half a billion bottles of water are purchased every week in America. There are virtually no real benefits to consuming bottled water. Most bottled water is little more than over-priced tap water in a bottle. In addition over 1.5 million tons of plastic waste in our landfills every year come from the plastic bottles we buy in the store.

Good save drinking water needs to

  • reduce contaminants,
  • adjust the PH in the body,
  • contain alkalized minerals.

In nature we have vapor and clouds in the sky, seawater in the oceans, icebergs in the oceans around the poles, mountain glaciers, fresh and salt water lakes, aquifers in the ground, and creeks and rivers where we get water.



What are we to do? A good water filter seems to be essential. Here are a few types:

  1. Distillation - This water filtration method is outstanding for removing particulate matter, bacteria, minerals and salts, but may remove needed organic chemicals. While distilled water is PURE - it is also DEAD! It has no beneficial minerals, and may actually leech minerals out of the body.
  2. Reverse Osmosis - very wasteful of water. Some systems waste almost 7 gallons of water for every gallon of drinking water created. Home R.O. systems may have problems dealing with high chlorine levels in some municipalities, and there are concerns about the chemicals used to manufacture some R.O. membranes.
  3. Activated carbon with reduction/oxidation and additions of essential mineral filters. There are many on the market. Shop for one that purifies the water and keeps the pH and alkaline levels as our bodies need.

Check out this web page for more information:

Water dissolves in a bunch of different substances. The odor and taste of water helps us avoid water that is too putrid or salty. Spring water and the taste of it, comes from the minerals dissolved in it. Naturally occurring minerals make the water taste good. Especially if there are no pollutants, microbes, or toxins in the water.

Dr.Masaru Emoto took pictures of frozen water crystals for water from all over the world. The water forms beautiful crystals in natural water and dark ugly crystals in water that is not healthy. He proved scientifically that thoughts and good energy can change the water. See one of his YouTube videos at


Good Water crystal
Good Water crystal
Bad Water crystal
Bad Water crystal

Our Galaxy has some water in it.

When stars are formed a strong outward wind of gas and dust accompanies the formation according to our latest research. When the outflow starts to impact the surrounding gas, the gas is compressed and heated and water is formed in this warm dense gas.

Over ninety six percent of the Earth's water is found in Oceans and seas. Only one point seven percent is in the groundwater, and that is where most of us get our drinking water.

In Hawaii many inhabitants rely on rainwater for their drinking water and only about .001% of the earths water exists in the clouds.

Did you realize only 2.5% of the Earth's water is freshwater.

An article titled "A Global Outlook for Water Resources to the Year 2025" in Water Resource Management by Kulshreshtha suggests that water demand will be 50% higher than the water available by 2030.Our scientists have measured the water vapor of different planets and the sun and have found

  • Water is detectable in trace amounts in the atmosphere of the sun
  • Mercury's atmosphere has 3.4% water vapor and large amounts in its exosphere
  • Venus has .002%
  • Mars has .03%
  • Jupiter has .0004%
  • Saturn’s moon Enceladus has 91%

Good Health

The MAYO clinic says for good health an adult should drink eight eight ounce glasses of water per day. Here’s to your health!

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