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Water purification systems for all Outdoor Activities

Updated on October 17, 2011

Traveling is something that a lot of people enjoy these days. No matter if you do the traditional camping in a tent with sleeping bags or whether you travel in an RV, one of the main things that everyone worries about is water. Most, if not all campsites have a water supply available as well as faucets. Still, many people bring along their personal water purification system. If you are new to traveling or never have brought along a water filter, you might want to. Research has shown that a water filter is a great thing to have, just in case the water has some sort of contamination. Some things you can tell such as a bad odor or taste, but some pollutants you cannot see.

If you go to a campground, the water supply usually comes from an underground reservoir. This reservoir provides water for all of the faucets around the campground. Though this water might be consumable, it is advised that everyone asks the park rangers or authorities about the water supply and if it is truly healthy and contaminant free. If you are a little health conscious, it is best that you bring a water purification system with you. Much of the water provided to campgrounds is not treated as well as they should be. You could easily find yourself consuming water that is contaminated with bacteria such as E. coli. Using a water purification system can totally get rid of this risk.

When you decide that you want to purchase a water purifier, you will quickly realize that it was a great investment. If you want to take the water purification system with you when you go camping, you should buy one that is portable and compact. Some people choose to bring a water purifier that goes along with a pitcher. Unfortunately, this is not helpful when while camping you decide to go on a walk or a hike; you cannot bring the pitcher with you. Instead, you could buy a portable water filter and cleanse water before you leave and put it in a bottle. However, if you take an RV while going camping, you do not have to worry about a portable water filter because a purifier mounted on the pitcher will work perfectly.

Water purification systems, mostly portable ones; come in many different sizes for you to take along while camping, hiking, or backpacking. Some can handle 1.0 microns up to 4.0 microns. When you purchase water purifiers, be certain that the one you buy has replaceable water cartridges that can be changed quickly and easily. Though these might be expensive, it is much cheaper than purchasing bottled water. It is important that you have at least one replacement filter. If you want more, many grocery stores carry them that you can purchase. It is best to store them in a safe place so they do not get destroyed.

While camping, hiking, backpacking, or RVing, make sure that you have clean drinking water. You cannot fully trust that the water provided at a campsite is completely uncontaminated. Keep your health and mind and purchase a water purifier!


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