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Water, why you need to be drinking it

Updated on June 27, 2014

Water, The good stuff

Water, the first thing that comes to mind is my grandma telling me that sometimes, you just need a drink of good old water. That is true, your body needs water. The human body is 75% water. The body relies on the water to function in the order it was meant to .The medical doctors will tell you to drink 8- 8 ounce glasses of water a day. This is 64 ounces, that is if you do not do any extra activities. If you do as little as 20 minutes of mild exercise, you should add 2 cups to the recommended daily dose. In the summer months this is a bare minimal. Your body is constantly releasing water to try and maintain the body's temperature. Along with sweat to cool you down.Your body uses 2 to 3 liters of water a day, just in basic functions. According to Medical Daily 75% of the American population are chronically dehydrated. This brings along a host of issues for the body. Your body relies on water for several different things. When one does not have enough water the tissues in the body can not do their job . Resulting in cramps and possible sprains. Your tissues will pull water from the vital organs to function properly. This resulting in the vital organs not functioning properly. The side effects go on and on. Every body function requires a certain amount of water to do it properly. Now days we are so quick to grab a coke or a sweetened beverage. This can actually make the dehydration worse. Coke is a known diuretic, meaning it triggers the kidneys to " work harder" resulting in increased urine out put. Every breath that you breath uses water, this is why you can see your breath in winter months. Water is used more than food, by the human body.

What does water do ?

Like I have said, water is very important. Water plays a major role in :

* the balance of body fluids

* proper kidney function

* normal bowel function

* cramps and sprains

* boost the immune system

* riding of daily toxins from the body

* cardiovascular health

* maintaining a healthy weight

* proper tissue and muscle function

* vital organ function

* maintaining healthy skin

I like to go a step beyond and follow the fact that your weight can tell you how much water is needed for your very own body. Take your weight and divide it in half and this is the amount, in ounces that your personal body needs. so for instance, if you weigh 160 pounds this would be 80 ounces of water needed daily. That is a little more than the general 64 ounces. The reason behind that is, everyone's body is different and some adults are much larger than others. This resulting in an increased requirement of water. On the reverse end if you are like my daughter and weight 100 pounds, soaking wet, your requirement is going to be less than the recommended 64 ounces. In this case the 100 pound "light weight" will function properly with 50 ounces of water. This method requires the added 2 cups of water, for mild exercise, or the excessive heat of the summer months. Remember your water and it will help your body.

How will you make sure you are getting enough water?

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Dehydration dangers

When a person is chronically dehydrated, dehydration can take a toll on your health and the way you feel. Dehydration can cause the kidneys not to be able to function properly, resulting in dark urine and possible kidney stones. This can also increase your risk of chronic Urinary Tract infections and toxins not being expelled from the body resulting in disease and acute illnesses. Dehydration can also leave your skin dry resulting in painful dry skin, redness and itching. Dehydration can make you have extreme thirst, nothing will cure the thirst, long term, until you get the proper liquid the body needs, and that is water. Dehydration can also trigger hunger, resulting in weigh gain. Not having enough water in your body can create headaches and fatigue, resulting in a general feeling of malaise. You will not feel up to your optimal good health. You will have a brain fog, and by this I mean you will be confused and not quite able to focus . You will not feel like yourself. There are some ways that you can check to see if you are dehydrated. These include color of urine, your urine should be barely visible in the commode. You can also pinch the back of your hand and see if it returns once released. If it is slow to return to flat, you need to drink water. Dry mouth can be a sign of dehydration, being your body is not producing enough saliva due to the lack of fluid currently in your body. dehydration can cause your blood pressure to plunge and your pulse rate to increase. Dehydration can land you in the local hospital on iv fluids. Your water intake is more than just quenching a thirst.



* required for every body function

* make sure your getting enough

* can be naturally flavored with fresh fruits or vegetables

* can ward off cancer and disease

* keeps your body functioning to it optimal

* can be enjoyed in several different ways

Water, here's to your health

Water can play a multitude of roles in the human body. From warding off disease to reducing your risk of cancer. There are several ways that you can make water more enjoyable. You can use jars and cut up fresh fruit and let it sit in the fridge over night to make your very own concoction of flavored goodness . When you use fresh fruit you unleash a whole variety of nutrient rich water. My favorite is strawberry and kiwi water. I use 5 strawberries to a quart and 3 slices of kiwi. I prepare it and leave it sit in the fridge overnight and enjoy the next day. The benefit to the overnight is that it gives the fresh fruit time to really infuse the water for a rich flavored water.There are several ways to add flavor to your water, without the harsh powders that are sold at the grocery stores. Lemon added to water has it's own array of benefits. You can turn your water into a luxury that you learn to crave. There are so many ways to increase your water intake. Cucumbers and watermelon are great hydrating fruits and are a tasteful addition to your water. Water can be enjoyed and your body will thank you for it.

Water at a glance

Daily intake
64 ounces
Pinch back of hand and make sure it releases
half your weight in ounces
proper body function
monitor urine color
made into a daily habit
flushes toxins
dry mouth,muscle cramps or spasms

Easy steps to increase water intake


It is completely ok if you can't go from minimal water to daily recommendation, overnight. The important thing is that you continue to increase until you have reached your goal. Try drinking a glass of water before each meal. Not only will it hydrate you, it will also help you not to over eat. Water can be added as a little here and there. Fresh fruits and vegetables have a high concentration of water, if you have to resort to these methods at first, that is fine. The important part is that you are making the change. Cokes and sweet tea are ok in moderation, as long as you are making them minimal. Be careful not to consume large quantities of water at one time, this can cause more damage than good. The most I would recommend consuming as a chug would be 20 ounces. Then wait an hour and do more. It is important to increase at a healthy rate. As to not mess with the balance of your electrolytes. There are certain time a day as to when and how much water you should drink to get the maximum benefit. In the morning when you first awake, before that cup of coffee, drink a glass of water. You can have water prior to each meal. A glass of water before bed has been shown to reduce the risk of heart attack and strokes. Water will make you feel loads better, with health benefits galore. Once you are in the routine of drinking water, you will learn the effects of not having enough. As you will not feel as well as you have, while drinking the water › ... › DrinksWater Ice and Sports Drinks

You won't regret it

Water is abundant for a reason, every living thing requires water to survive, at the optimum level. Nothing can replace water, it doesn't matter how much you drink of other beverages. No beverage can replace a good ole glass of water. The importance of water has been evaluated and it is said that a human can go up to 3 weeks without food . Water is another story, your body is mostly water and therefore, could not survive longer than a week without it. That is in optimum conditions, should it be the heat of the summer, the most you could survive would be 5 days. At this point your vital organs would be in the process of shutting down. It is important to instill good water habits in your children at an early age. This making them less likely to dislike water as they are older. Water comes in all different types, tap, filtered, purified and spring, just to name a few. All are good however, tap water is known to contain chemicals that are not so good for you such as, chlorine and fluoride. In my opinion it is best to get the majority of your water intake from another source, excluding tap. However you decide to get your water is not important, the fact that you drink water is what is important. The benefits of water out way the risk associated with what's in the water. However, if you are concerned about the quality of your tap water, there are several companies that will come out and do a water assessment at no charge to you .Water is beneficial in more ways than one could imagine.


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