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Favorite Water Filters & Purifiers

Updated on August 24, 2017

Personal & Home Water Filtration at Home &l On the Go

Banish all those metallic tastes, old woody tastes, and foul scummy tastes from your tap water. Use an under the counter model at home and take a portable stainless steel canister with you for fresh, clean drinking water whenever you want it.

The Environmental Protection Agency defines filters as being capable of "simple filtration" or of removing 99.99% or more of contaminants from water; purifiers remove 99.99999% or more of contaminants from water.

New Developments in point-of-use water filtration result in individual filter straws that poor children who sometimes drink from puddles, can easily carry and use throughout their days to safely drink from those puddles!

Drinking of polluted water causes an unfathomable 6,000 child deaths daily - and this figure can be drastically reduced by getting such devices in the hands of the people in the world's poorest nations.

This is my photo of my water purifier.

Reverse Osmosis Purification Procedure

Water Filtration

Water purification by the reverse osmosis method takes place when the water is forced at high pressure through a membrane or filter in a way that leaves the particulate on the inflow-side of the filter, with the purified water flowing out the out-flow side of the membrane.

Osmosis: "Diffusion of fluid through a semipermeable membrane from a solution with a low solute concentration to a solution with a higher solute concentration until there is an equal concentration of fluid on both sides of the membrance."

Osmosis is defined as: "spontaneous passage or diffusion of water or other solvent through a semipermeable membrane. If a solution is separated from a pure solvent by a membrane that is permeable to the solvent but not to the solute, the solution will tend to become more dilute by absorbing solvent through the membrane. The pressure caused by the migration of solvent through the membrane is called osmotic pressure. Britannica

So, impure water, with "foul tastes, smells, colors" Bad Water enters a chamber under pressure and it encounters a filter membrane that only pure water molescules, not larger compounds, can pass through, either laterally or vertically.

The impurities (bacteria, oils, chemicals, or other particles dissolved in the water) stay on the intake-side of the membrane and heavy concentrations can be drawn off through an outlet connection. Movement of the water through the membrane causes a pressure called osmotic pressure. Read more

Understand Reverse Osmosis - water filtration using nanotechniques

Euro Style Reverse Osmosis Faucets

Aquaboon Water Filter Purifier Faucet European Style Brushed Nickel
Aquaboon Water Filter Purifier Faucet European Style Brushed Nickel

Sleek European design faucet offers elegant reach.

Designer Air Gap Reverse Osmosis Faucet Brushed Nickel
Designer Air Gap Reverse Osmosis Faucet Brushed Nickel

Upscale designer "AIR-GAP" faucet utilizes Reverse Osmosis.

RISE-UP From Poverty
RISE-UP From Poverty

Point-of-use Filter is Small as a Straw

Use it to Help Meet the Millennium Development Goals

The LifeStraw® was developed with a worldwide need in mind - providing safe drinking water for the world's poor who suffer from waterborne diseases.

According to the Cochrane review of 2006, water filters work better than any other common method in use to treat water at point-of-use, to reduce diarrheal diseases.

A partner need is for the treated water to remain safe at the point of consumption, and a little hand can grasp one of these devices and suck up dirty water that becomes clean by the time it reaches the child's mouth.

It gives me chills to see the photographs of children using and holding the straws.

photo credit: LifeStraw

Seychelle Filter Drinking Straw - personal & portable

This little device makes the wide world of standing or running water free for the drinking. The straw is perfect for the traveler who wants to walk or hike on day trips. Filter good for 25 gallons worth of fresh water.

Water Filtration Systems Poll

Do You Use a Water Filtration System at Home ?

See results

Surprising Ways to Handle Water - Photo & Article by Nayelli Gonzalez on

Westerners typically think of in-home water filtration, but surprising advances have been made to provide good water out-of-doors and worldwide through innovative techniques.

Eco worldly contributor Nayelli Gonzalez presents a captivating article on how groups from the "Engineering for Developing Communities", Univ. of Colorado, "Working Bikes Cooperative", Chicago non-profit, "Third World Water Pump", "Innovate or die Pedal-Powered Machine Challenge", and "Aquaduct: Mobile Filtration Vehicle" on YouTube Clip show how this is already being done.

photo credit:

The World's Race for Clean Water - to prevent deaths from unsafe water

Blue Planet Run: The Race to Provide Safe Drinking Water to the World
Blue Planet Run: The Race to Provide Safe Drinking Water to the World

Every fifteen seconds on our Earth, a child dies from waterborne disease. Three times an hour, another species becomes extinct.

This book highlights the vital contributions of nonprofits around the world. The book includes coverage of the 2007 Blue Planet Run, an unprecedented, non-stop, around-the-world relay race designed as a wake-up call to the world.


Frst Need XL Portable Water Purifier

no hold time or double pumping

Pack this one into its own tote bag, and take it along on your high mountain hikes, camping trips, and bike rides. General Ecology, Inc. delivers an award winning compact purifier. The First Need uses "Structured Matrix" chemical-free purification technology to deliver a superior product.

General Ecology says it's purifiers remove viruses, bacteria and protozoa and many organic and inorganic chemcial and other contaminants at the highest "purification" micron level (0.4 microns absolute) to provide great-tasting water while protecting against water-related disease.

photo credit: by Amazon, below

Here's my Countertop Water System - the Doulton ICP Nimrod

This sleek unit sits on my countertop, looking smart and ready to deliver fresh water on-demand. It is unobtrusive and actually adds to the aesthetic of my kitchen design.

The actual filter cartridge is ceramic. It is a long screw-in cartridge, with plastic threads (very very large) that screw into the base. Simply unscrew the outer shell, remove it (lightweight smooth plastic) and set it aside. Then unscrew the cartridge periodically and wash it off under running water, to refresh it. I wash it every three months or so.

I use an OXO long handled bottle brush for gentle scrubbing of the ceramic cartridge. It comes clean using this tool. Rough bristles can damage the otherwise long-lasting cartridge. Mine is in constant use and the original cartridge has already lasted five years.

The filter unit measures 12" high, 5" diameter, so you can see it takes a minimum of counter space. The connector valve easily screws onto the faucet, with a valve activated to divert the cold water into and through the filter, and out into your container. I use a tall glass pitcher, the kind that has vertical ridges, is square and holds a quart or more, and it has a white plastic lid.

My pitcher sits on the counter all day as I am constantly pouring water from it - for drinking, making ice cubes, cooking, etc. Filtered water grows the best plants. No fluoride for the green growing or flowering plants in my house. My Water Filter

This Brush Works For Me to Clean Filter

gentle scrubbing of the ceramic filter, only please

I like this long-handled brush. The grip feels good in the hand - it's plump so it's easy to hold comfortably.

One advantage to me is that with the balance from holding the grip at the end of the long handle is that it is easier to maintain a light pressure when scrubbing.

A short-handled scrub-brush can clean the ceramic cartridge - while-taking-part-of-the-ceramic-with-it with each heavy stroke, because it's easier to get pressure leverage on the brush.

So, mind you what type of brush you dedicate to this easy task. Best step: buy a new gentle brush when you buy your new filtration system.

photo credit: my photo of my scrub brush

Really Good Bottle Cleaning Brushes

More Doulton Ceramic Cartridge Systems

I love the fact that the simple combination of ceramic cartridges, and activated charcoal, along with ionic technology is something I can wrap my mind around, when I think about purifying water. Research convinced me to buy a Doulton countertop unit for my home and I have not been disappointed with it.

The readout on the top displays information on the flow rate and tells me when I need to clean the cartridge. Cleaning is simple. Simply open the cover by unscrewing the base from the top section; then unscrew the cartridge; remove the cartridge and lightly scrub it under running water. It cleans easily, nothing needed but a clean brush or cleaning cloth. Then reverse the removal process to reassemble.

Once monthly cleaning is the average and the cartridge lasts about three years! I was so delighted with the technology I bought a portable unit as well. I'll tell you about it in the Portable section.

Select your unit of choice to bring fresh tasting filtered water to your home. The ceramic cartridges use an long-proven technology to remove most harmful elements from tap water. Ceramic cartridges have been used in Europe for centuries and now they are available worldwide!

Ceramic Undercounter Water Filter With Doulton Ultracarb Cartridge
Ceramic Undercounter Water Filter With Doulton Ultracarb Cartridge

Super filter cartridge uses 3 stages: ceramic filter, activated carbon and ion exchange media to reduce heavy metals.


Choice Doulton Ceramic Countertop Unit

Doulton HCP Counter Top Water Filter
Doulton HCP Counter Top Water Filter

For apartment living a countertop unit is a fine solution for ensuring quality drinking water in your home.


Tell me what you like and why and I will feature your product in a section

2-liter Bormioli Rocco Kufra Glass Jug, Ice Well, Stir Stick & Lid - Ice well keeps the cool!

Keep it handy on the granite. Take it out for lunch. How stunning next to your shining bar-b-qued steak. Generous guest suite overnight waterer.

photo credit:You can buy this pitcher here

The 8-gal Crown Berkey for Clean Water

gravity fed water for campers, emergencies & reunion fests

The Berkey Systems water filters belie the chummy sound of their name. They are one serious filtration system. And some of them, like this one, are perfect for travel.

The Travel Mate is perfect for those business stays in hotel suites and vacation travel. I can take mine along for visits to Mom's. You, too, will find this unit indispensable.

If you want a unique super sized Water Filter, the British Berkefled Water Filter is that. It is a stainless steel water filter that is gravity fed. You can clean up lake, pond, river water, or even water from storm runoff with this huge capacity water filter.

It requires only that you pour in a quantity of water and soon it will pass through the up-to eight ceramic filter cartridges and fill the bottom canister.

Simply fill your glass through the spigot, and enjoy fresh water. Great in emergencies or for camps. Provides up to 150-165 gallons per day. This is a monumental filter system - and it's beautiful too.

photo credit:Berkey

Drinking From a Stream or Lake - I took this photo

Do you feel safe in drinking directly from a stream or lake?

See results

Katadyn Combi Plus Personal Water Filter - made in Switzerland

This little filter is a giant system. Nothing living, larger than 0.2 microns, makes it through the microporous ceramic filter element. In 2.4" x 10.4" one carries a serious water purification system along with them, while traveling or backpacking. Take it with you anywhere you go, on your person, and keep a spare in the car for those emergencies you could never anticipate.

Dual filter system, ceramic and carbon in the COMBI Filter. It can even be connected to the kitchen sink faucet. bap

Lifesaver Bottle 400 Ultra Filtration

LIFESAVER Systems 4000 Ultra Filtration Water Bottle
LIFESAVER Systems 4000 Ultra Filtration Water Bottle

An extremely effective little bottle that was developed in response to such calamities as the 2004 tsunami and Hurricane Katrina. The bottle uses no chemicals and can last over five years.

Simply dip the bottle into a water source and in under a minute it produces up to 750 milliliters of drinking water. An added feature is that the water is sterile and the function of the bottle is such that a stream of water can be directed at a scratch or other wound to clean it right on the spot.


Portable Water Filtration Bottles

ECOFLO Portable Water Filter Bottle Flip TOP - 26oz
ECOFLO Portable Water Filter Bottle Flip TOP - 26oz

Specialized filters for squeaky fresh water.

Aquamira Frontier Straw Filter - BLU Series I
Aquamira Frontier Straw Filter - BLU Series I

Emergency water filter system for those unexpected needs. Stash one in the car.


Clean out the Water Bottle Straw Sections

Brushtech Inc Sports Bottle Straw Washing Brush B23C 1 One Color
Brushtech Inc Sports Bottle Straw Washing Brush B23C 1 One Color

Cleans out bacteria buildup in sports bottle straws for the longer use of bottles.

Sigg Cleaning Brush with Red Bristles
Sigg Cleaning Brush with Red Bristles

Designed specifically to clean Sigg water bottle interiors with their small mouths.

Camelbak Cleaning Brush Kit
Camelbak Cleaning Brush Kit

CamelBak started the trend of using hands-free water systems.


Huge Capacity Countertop Dispenser

ZeroWater, 23 Cup Pitcher with Free Water Quality Meter, BPA-Free, NSF Certified to Reduce Lead and Other Heavy Metals
ZeroWater, 23 Cup Pitcher with Free Water Quality Meter, BPA-Free, NSF Certified to Reduce Lead and Other Heavy Metals

The slim line makes this a first-rate countertop dispenser that moves from room to room, with the party.


Your Filter & Purifier Recommendation

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      These look great, and pure water filters are a must. :)

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Berkey water purification Systems are the Worldâs Most Powerful and Economical Personal Water purification Systems Providing Reliable and User-friendly Water Purification in Both Normal and Hostile Filtration Environments.

    • e-xplorations profile image


      7 years ago

      Safe water is essential for human life. Its up to you which water purifying technology to use. But I still would suggest to boil water for at least 15 minutes (enough to kill the germs) and place it in the refrigerator afterwards.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Water filters are so important to people, you've done a great job here.

    • OrganicMom247 profile image


      7 years ago

      We can never be too careful when it comes to our water supply!


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