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Water and Cleansing

Updated on January 12, 2013


Water is said to be the most important for our health:

  • The brain is composed of 70% water
  • The lungs are nearly 90% water
  • Lean muscle tissue contains 75% water
  • 83% of our blood is water

Each of us has a different percentage of water content in our body. Children have the most and men generally have the least. But what does water have to do with cleansing? Before I answer that question I want to talk about what water does for our bodies. Doctors and scientists say that water keeps us hydrated, it keeps our skin moist and supple and keeps the organs functioning. Water is used by our bodies to digest food, transport waste and control our body temperature. We are told that we cannot go without water because if we do we die.

Water is used by our bodies to digest cooked food. If fact, we need a lot of water to aid our body to process the food that we put in and cooked food takes the most amount of water to digest. This implies that the more raw food you ate the less water you would need because raw food has more water content in it. But still the body needs water because it needs it to digest food.

We need water to transport waste from foods and external toxins that we come into contact with. The skin is our biggest filter that filters toxins from the air and from products we put on our skin. Water is needed to keep skin supple and moist, which will allow the toxins to move to the blood. The kidneys filter the toxins from the blood and they need water to keep them flushed. From the kidneys the toxins are released from the body through the urinary tract and the stool. If our bodies are extremely dry then our bowel movements won't be regular and the stool can’t be eliminated which is another way we release toxins and unwanted waste material. Water is extremely important to help the body eliminate waste and toxins.

Water is also used to control the body temperature. When temperature are hot or when we over exert ourselves water is released from the pores to cool the body down. The water released from the pores is called sweat and sweat is another way that water is used to cleanse the body through the skin.

So you see, when it comes to cleansing, water is very important. If water is what the body uses to help digest food, transport waste and control our body temperature then using water to cleanse the body will help to move out food and toxins and regulate our bodies. Drinking water flushes out the body and is one of the most important components when it comes to a cleanse.


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