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Way to lose belly fat in women through exercise videos on youtube

Updated on October 11, 2015

Lose Belly fat fast through youtube videos

Losing belly fat for women is a prime concern. Belly fat shows underlying dangerous symptoms like fatty liver, diabetes, obesity and heart problems.

Hence it is imperative that women lose belly fat quick in order to get rid of the above deadly diseases.

These diseases could alter life completely and even cause early deaths.


Easy Ways to rid belly fat

These videos depict the best and easy ways to exercise in order to achieve a flat belly.

Start off with the famous 7 minute home ab workout from youtube the user RapidFatLossForMoms.

Warning: Please be advised that any new form of exercises and postures can be risky if done by patients with any disorders. Please check with your doctors before starting this new form of treatment.

7 minute home Ab workout - lose belly fat in 10 days

What exercises do you practice to get a flat belly?

See results

Namrata Purohit

Here Namrata Purohit from teaches you fun and peppy ways to get rid of belly fat easily.

7 exercises for a flat stomach at home - Namrata Purohit


Johnny teaches harder climbing and crunches at home

Here this video from teaches you to use some harder exercises with 30 seconds breaks in between to work those abs.

Keep your abs flat and also do cardio with this mixed exercises regime just for you.

Top 5 exercises to burn belly fat

Plyo 15 minutes only!

Here Melisa Bender of BenderFitness from youtube teaches you to use a interval timer set while doing your body weight training.

The first exercise uses a jumper.

15 minute Plyo HIIT Workout


Therefore through these easy fun exercises you could lose your belly fat forever and fit in all your favorite dresses and pants.

Youtube offers these easy exercises to lose that stubborn belly fat.

Just continue doing these exercises and also follow a diet next post we will see the best flat belly diet.



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