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Ways To Avoid Diabetes

Updated on June 12, 2010


What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a health condition or deficiency that an individual has in his or her body. A person with diabetes usually suffers with high blood pressure due to insufficient level of insulin in the blood stream, the body cells don't respond to the produced insulin.

When a person has high level of sugar in the blood, the sugar level usually forces such a person to have constant urination, thirst and hunger.

Types of Diabetes:

The most common types of diabetes are: Diabetes Type 1; Diabetes Type 2 and, Gestational Diabetes.

  • Type 1 diabetes: it is when the body fails to produce insulin, which means that, a person with this type of diabetes needs to have insulin injection in order to keep the disease under control.
  • Type 2 diabetes: it is when the body has insulin resistance, this means that, the cells fail to use insulin properly, which can also result in an absolute insulin deficiency.
  • Gestational diabetes: is cause to pregnant women, who never suffered from diabetes and, because of their pregnancy, they have a high blood glucose level during the gestation period. such type of diabetes might turn into type 2 DM.



What To Do About Diabetes?

How Someone Gets Diabetes:

Let's talk about the two most common types of diabetes, type 1 & 2.

Both Type 1 & 2 Diabetes are caused by genetics, however, type 2 diabetes is caused mainly due to one's lifestyle and genetics.

Diabetes can also be triggered due to high glucose consumption, poor diet and lack of proper exercises.

Avoiding Diabetes:

There's no secret formula to avoid or prevent one from having diabetes are:

1 - If you suspect that someone in your family has or had diabetes, you should compiled as much information about your family history as possible, this will help you narrow down the chances or risks that you or a loved one has to get such disease.

2 - Study as much as possible about the different types of diabetes, doing that, you will be able to better understand you body current condition and, you will increase your chances of prevent or control the disease, in case if you're in the group of risk or if you already have the disease.

3 - Consult with your doctor, talk to them about your concerns and be open mind to accept their professional opinion.

4 - If you're eating out everyday, you should watch what you're consuming, adjust your diet, reduce the amount of sugar, fatty food, junkie food, soda pop.etc.

5 - If you're overweight or obese, you should start exercising to cut down the weight.

6 - Exercise as regularly as possible, establish a goal to lose weight, to eat healthier, drink more water.

The above information is for information purpose only, the information above is for informational purpose only, remember, diabetes are serious diseases, always consult your doctors for a professional opinion.

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