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Ways To Beat Those Stubborn Zits

Updated on October 15, 2017

I have had a major problem with my acne. For as long as I can remember actually. I don't get those small white heads that just pop up and disappear. Sadly what I get are many of those under the skin zits. You know the ones I am talking about right? They stay for what feels like to be years and they hurt like dickens. So those under the skin zits are what I get most of the time, however I also get those small whiteheads from time to time, blackheads and very rarely I get cysts on the left side of my cheek. Dealing with all of these acne problems for years I have learned a few tricks that I would love to share with you!

So let me start out with how to get rid of the under the skin zits.

In my experience these are the hardest ones to get rid of and I have caused my skin to break open from picking at these zits. So rule number one for these... DON'T PICK! And do not try and pop them until they are really and truly ready. You will know when they are ready for the most part.

The first thing that I do when I feel one of these zits forming is hold an ice cube onto that surface area. Not sure why this helps but I read it somewhere and decided to try it. So far it has made a difference and really reduces the size of the zit for me. I do this for the first day. Then I apply a dab of toothpaste to the affected area. I leave that dab of toothpaste on the zit over night. (Always wash your face nightly as well, I am sure you all do!) You should feel the toothpaste working almost immediately, as it will feel a little stingy at first. In the morning after having slept with the toothpaste on the effected area make sure to wash your face again. Now this next step is important! Always apply moisturizer to face, especially the area was the toothpaste was. I do this for either two to three days depending on the size the zits are. This next step you may have to do either for a day or two. In the morning and evening I grab two Q-Tips and turn on very hot water. I put two ends of the Q-Tips into the hot water and start massaging the edges of the zit. Never use your hands, especially with all the grease and germs they may have. Not to mention trying to pop these zits with your fingers/nails will make the skin break open and will make the zit just stay even longer. Not to mention create even more attention to the affected area. Anyways... I do the Q-Tip trick twice a day for either one to two days. Eventually the heat from the water and the massaging from the Q-Tips will cause the zit to pop. After the zit pops clean your face and apply moisturizer once more. The size of the zit should go down within a couple of hours.

The next and easiest zit to deal with in my opinion is the "Classic" whitehead. Again do not use your fingers to pop any zit. Instead use to Q-Tips and lightly press the edges of the zit until the whitehead is entirely out. Clean the area and apply moisturizer.

Now for the blackheads. I get these pretty common on my nose and upper cheek area. These are hard to remove and very annoying. But I have found a cool trick that has helped me control these stupid things! I use the round end of a bobby pin and rock it back and fourth around the blackhead until it pops out. Simple enough and an awesome trick!



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