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Ways To Cheer Yourself Up

Updated on March 7, 2015

If you have been feeling down lately and you are looking for some inspiration, here are a few tips to help you cheer up.


Whether it be a friend or family member, call someone and talk to them. You do not necessarily have to talk about how you feel. You can ask them how their day is going. By getting involved in a conversation, you may find that your mood will change and become uplifted. It may help to connect with people you care about and who care about you. If you would like to tell someone how are you feeling and are in need of support, it might help you to know that people are there for you and want to help.


Look up positive or inspirational quotes online and read them. You could also buy a book of inspirational quotes and keep it with you anytime you need some cheering up. Some quotes may have the power to change someone's thought process or mood for the better. By focusing on these positive words and inspirational quotes, you may be able to transform the way you feel.


Try to get involved in something. It may be hard sometimes to get the motivation to get involved with something when you are feeling down. If you can try to push yourself, it may help to take your mind off of the negative feelings. You may want to read a good book, watch an uplifting movie, take a walk, make a scrapbook or do something else creative with your time. It will help you to keep your mind occupied and keep you feeling productive, which could improve your mood.


Music has the ability to change people's emotions. Make a music playlist of your favorite songs and listen to it when you need some cheering up. Listen to songs that make you feel good and uplifted.


Do you have a relative or neighbor who needs help with something around the house? Do you know anyone who might need some cheering up? By helping someone else you are taking the focus off of you. Helping people is a kind thing to do and can also make you feel good. You might find yourself smiling and feeling better by the end of the day after making someone else's day brighter.


Write a list of the things or people who you consider a blessing in your life. It might help you to cheer up knowing that you have these things or people in your life who can make you feel grateful.


Exercise can be good for both your mind and your body. It also helps to increase your energy level. You could walk around the neighborhood, dance, do aerobics or whatever gets your body moving. If you raise your energy level, you might find that your spirits will be raised as well.


Is there a river or lake nearby your house? Is there a park near you that has pretty trees or grass? Sometimes just sitting in the car or on a bench looking at nature may help to boost a person's mood. Looking at beautiful scenes of nature may help to calm your mind from negative thoughts.


Think of the phrase "This too shall pass" and remember that whatever you are going through, it probably will not last forever. If you are just feeling temporary sadness or a case of the blues, realize that you will most likely feel happy again. Pick yourself up by replacing your thoughts with positive reinforcements. Say things to yourself like "I've had my time to be down, now it is time for me to pick myself up and feel better so I can get on with my life." You could also say to yourself "I will get through this." Give yourself the motivation to feel better by talking to yourself in a more positive way.


If you can, try to get out and visit a family member or friend. Being alone while you are feeling down might make you feel worse and alone. Some people who feel down tend to isolate themselves from others. By being around people who make you feel happy and loved, you have a much better chance of cheering up.


Crossword puzzles, video games or trivia are good because they can distract your mind from negative thinking. Games require you to think and focus. Staying busy by playing games or doing some sort of activity that challenges your mind may help to boost your mood. By actively participating in a game you allow yourself time to enjoy the moment, without thinking or dwelling on the past or future. This might help to cheer you up, even if it is just temporary.


Volunteer your time for a local charity, shelter or spend some time with an elderly person in a nursing home. When you volunteer, you might feel better about yourself and about what you are doing with your time. Volunteering can bring a positive change to your life and your mood.


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    • Sunshine Days profile imageAUTHOR

      Sunshine Days 

      3 years ago

      I appreciate your comment, Denise! It sounds like you know good ways to cheer yourself up.

    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 

      3 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      These are great ideas. There are several that I use on a regular basis: music, helping someone, counting my blessings, and getting involved with others. When I am lonely, I will try to find someone who is more lonely than I am, and do something nice for or with them. That always helps me feel better!


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