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Natural Insomnia Cures

Updated on June 28, 2017
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Kawanza has spent many years finding ways, to help other beings relax and de-stress:) She is a dedicated humanitarian! Here to help all :)

Avoid Watching Television In Your Bedroom


You can enjoy movie night your living room/entertainment area. Having a television in your bedroom, is sure to keep you up all night. Reality TV and countless movies have taken over the night! Your body responds to the TV, in the most unhealthy ways at bedtime. Studies at the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School reveals, that bright light from the TV, will stop the sleep hormone melatonin from producing. Melatonin is responsible for your sleep and wake cycles. Lighting in the room, cell phones, lamps and tablets, Have the same effect on your body as watching television. Try eliminating these devices an hour before bedtime. You will be very pleased by the results!

Effects Smartphones Have On The Brain & Body

1.)Take A Warm Bubble Bath


A warm bath will definitely give you a great nights sleep. This will have you sleeping like a baby within an hour. Grab some bubbles and fill your tub with warm water. According to studies at Stanford University,taking a warm bath is beneficial for a great sleep! By getting into the warm water, your body temperature begin to rise and this will relax you. The surprising fact is, What happens once your out of the warm water. Your body temperature starts to lower, causing you to feel drowsy due to a decrease in metabolic activity.

Listen To Some White Noise


White noise is a random and continuous signal. A rainy night will definitely, have you sleeping like a baby tonight! Rain is a form of white noise, due to its ability to mask, outside noises such as cars, barking dogs and so on.The issue with rain is, we just cant call on it when its needed :) With that being said, time to get creative! Plug in a desk size/larger fan to help you doze off . Depending on the weather, the humming sound of an air conditioner/heater and even an air purifier is awesome. According to Mehmet Oz, MD, the use of a white noise machine, will aid in helping you fall asleep and stay asleep. White noise machines can be set to turn off and wake you in the morning. Whether you choose to use your own methods/white noise machine, You will fall asleep in a relaxed state and awake refreshed.

Utilize The Aroma Of Lavender


Lavender is a wonderful plant, its popular for the sedative qualities. The scent of lavender can be enjoy in many ways. You can light a couple of scented candles, spray lavender scented air freshener. The ways are endless, explore different things ways and items. According to University of Maryland Medical Center, Lavender is a great way to reduce the symptoms of insomnia, stress, nausea, joint pain, migraine headaches and much more! Indulge your senses with the scent of the lavender plant.

Have A Cup Of Warm Chamomile Tea


Sipping on a warm tea can be soothing in many ways. The warmth and aroma alone is worth mentioning! You can choose which herbal tea, suits your sleep needs best, making sure the tea is free of caffeine. My go to tea is Sleepytime, Made by Celestial Seasonings! I love to add pure honey and vanilla creamer. Sleepytime tea has a delicious hint of mint flavor, It's very soothing. You will enjoy this tea as much as i do! Try a cup one evening after, Having a rather busy day. I enjoy a cup at least twice a week! According to Healthwise, Chamomile is an herb that will aid you with falling asleep. The herb is also great for upset stomach, relief from menstrual cramps and over 100 different illnesses! Chamomile herb will relax and calm the nerves which will produce great sleep! . Sipping on Chamomile herbal tea have been used, for thousands of years to produce relaxation. This method for falling asleep have been tried and is true. Fill a teacup with Sleepytime herbal tea & honey and enjoy the results!

Whether you try one or all of these methods, for falling asleep, you will not be disappointed! Your restless nights will come to an end. Its very important for our bodies to be fully rested. We are more pleasant to others and your energy level will to amazing! Around 70 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep problems, so your not alone at all :) If you have a chronic sleeping disorder, mild sleeping disorder, or you have a lot on your mind and just cant fall asleep tonight. These tried and true methods mentioned will definitely bring you some much needed rest tonight. Nighty night :)

Which method did you use to fall asleep?

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